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A Healthy Baby Nursery Starts with These Four Essentials

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, Furniture, Health, Lifestyle, Variety

As a new, expecting parent, all sorts of things are going through your mind to prepare for your firstborn. The nursury is where your baby will spend a lot of his or her time, so it must be inspirational as well as healthy. Below are four essentials on how to create a healthy baby nursery.

Eliminate Carpet From the Bedroom

No matter how much you dust and vacuum, there will always be harmful dust, dirt, mold, dust mites, and other particles floating in the air and settling on the floor. Carpeting also may have harmful adhesives to hold it down. This can trigger asthma and other allergy attacks.

It’s best to have bare floors, such as hardwood floors, that have a non-toxic or natural sealer on them instead of carpeting in the room. Having a play rug is a great idea, though, to keep your baby off of the bare, cold floor. You should also vacuum using a HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner and shampoo the rug as often as possible.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality

Another key element to make sure your baby’s room has is friendly air. Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co has a few types of air purifier systems that are perfect for a nursery. They are quiet but strong enough to improve the indoor air quality for any room in your home.

Also, make sure to have a smoke and carbon-monoxide detector — not just in hallways, but directly outside your bedroom and the nursery. Children’s bloodstreams can absorb carbon monoxide faster than adults. And, since it’s odorless and colorless, it could be too late to realize if the leak is not detected at the first-floor level.

Be Cautious of Paints

Many paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which is a chemical additive found in cleaning supplies and gasoline. That strong scent is given off right after painting and can be detected even a year afterward. These gasses and fumes are harmful to your baby. Some VOCs such as benzene cause cancer while others contribute to mold growth.

Consider putting up a natural fiber wallpaper. If you are going to use paint, use zero-VOC paints. These are a bit more expensive but worth it for your family’s health. FreshAire Paints, Benjamin Moore Natura Paints, Sherwin-Williams Zero VOC, and Valspar are all zero-VOC paints. You can also try natural paints by Bioshield Paints and Green Planet Paints.

Purchase Open-Framed Toy Bins

Healthy baby nursery

Image via Flickr by 4Neus

Toy bins are excellent to keep your baby’s room organized. However, be sure to purchase those with an open top. If not, ensure there is a spring-loaded arm to make sure the top won’t fall on one of your child’s limbs. Toy bins with lids can easily capture your tot’s little fingers. Some curious children may get other parts snagged in as well, such as arms and legs.

After implementing these tips, your baby’s nursery will be both healthy and functional. You’ll rest comfortably knowing you’ve taken these steps so they both you and baby can sleep peacefully.

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