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A different approach to a vacant room in your home

by emily

in Variety


Unused space can be exactly what we need to add the final touch to our homes. Only because a room is called a dining room or a breakfast area doesn’t mean that’s the only function it’s supposed to have. If you are able to convert a room in your home into a more functional space, then do so. Go against what you “think” is the right way to set up your home. Decor and functionality go hand in hand. Utilise what you have to make the best out of your living arrangement.


A super small bedroom


If you have a bedroom that can only fit a bed and cupboard, rethink the ways in which this space can be better  used. Remove all your bedding sets and furniture and convert your small bedroom into a walk-in closet. Insert floor to ceiling closet doors to give it a closet effect. Call in a carpentry company and have them line the room with shoe racks, sweater shelves, rods at varying heights and drawers.


Dining room


Formal dining room areas are being used less these days. Many homeowners convert their dining room into extra office space. It provides the perfect area for people who work from home to store their documents, files and anything else they may need to be kept aside. This area can also be converted into a study room for homework and school projects. Having one room where all work and study activity can take place, with well-arranged desks, lighting, seating, monitors and office supplies, is ideal for a family with young children. A study room provides a good balance in the home and minimises distractions to boost focus.


Living room


If you’re a bookworm you’ll love the idea of turning your formal living room into a mini library. The process of collecting books is relatively harmless, however, it will take up a lot of space. Shelving books can either look like a cluttered space or chic and modern. It all depends on how you go about lining the walls with shelves. Be sure to have a well-lit room with comfortable seating and a desk to finish off the room.


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