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A Canadian Down Under: “Finger Flipping Good”

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in A Canadian Down Under, Special Reports

Well it has been a little over two months now and I am beginning to feel more at home. I have settled into a new routine and learned that “Coles” is not a book store like at home in Canada but a grocery store like that of our “Save-on-Foods”.

While life is definitely starting to feel more comfortable, understandably there are still many things that are very different here in Sydney. Informal language (slang) being one of the major differences, that still manages to make me laugh.

Before I continue with my own personal story of embarrassment, I’ll ease into with an inspirational video I watched recently on You Tube, by Tim Ferris. He had learned Japanese as best he could before making the trip to Japan where he would be staying with a “Host Family”.

The day came to make the trip and he felt quite prepared as he arrived in his new home for the next year. He thanked them for having him and as he made his way to bed that night he turned back and asked his host mother in the best Japanese he could, to wake him up at 7am sharp every morning- or so he thought.

He was met with an odd look from the woman and he later learned that he had asked the small Japanese woman to rape him at 7am sharp every morning.

Now it’s my turn, and I want to apologize in advance before I continue. Please don’t feel offended by my little story, but there are a few moments that have flushed my cheeks to a very bright shade of red that I hope you might enjoy. This is the third last chance to stop reading before I tell the story!!!!

The blunder occurred while we were pulling out of a parking space. I looked up to see a man make an extremely rude gesture towards us. I’m skirting around what the gesture was because this is where the confusion arose. This is the second last chance to stop!!!!

In Canada, and more so in Vancouver where traffic is hectic causing most drivers to show all sorts of “Road Rage” it is not uncommon to have a fellow driver “flip you the bird” or more commonly, as we Canadians would say “finger” you. This is definitely the last chance to stop reading!!!!


After seeing this man gesture to us in this rude manner, I proceeded to say “that man just fingered us!” which was not received how I had expected. Instead of “what a jerk” my co-worker looked at me completely puzzled and then laughed so hard he could barely breathe. I later learned that “fingering” someone has a much more “sexual” meaning here in Sydney.

I had to laugh at what must have run through my co-workers mind after my statement and I am quickly realizing the benefits of letting things roll off your back. It’s amazing how a few words spoken in the same language can mean such a different thing.

There is nothing better than a good dose of embarrassment to keep you humble and put a smile on your face.

Brittany West

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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matpacker May 17, 2009 at 5:11 pm

Hahaha.. That's pretty funny…

Mat Packer May 18, 2009 at 12:11 am

Hahaha.. That's pretty funny…

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