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A Canadian Down Under: The Great Apartment Hunt

by Marquette Turner

in Special Reports

My first week in Sydney has gone by so quickly, it’s hard to believe I arrived seven days ago already. To think that I am now writing in 27 degrees, it’s even harder to imagine that only 7 days ago I was up to my waist in snow.

We started the week off apartment hunting, which I assumed would take a day or two. Fast forward to six days later, still apartmentless with only one day left at our Vacation rental. Instead of panicking like I wanted to, we grabbed a latte and headed to the last apartment on our list. (On that note, as a coffee lover I must add that the coffee here in Australia is to die for)

Hooray! The apartment was great. In a beautiful little area we had not yet been to, called “King Street Wharf” and only a short walk to the city center, known here in Sydney as the “CBD” or Central Business District. We signed the lease and moved in the next day.


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Simon wrote an article not too long ago that gives some tips of applying for a rental property, and this proved really useful. So, if I could offer a few pieces of advice to expats coming to this lively city in search of an apartment, I would give the following:

Put a little folder together with, a copy of your passport, working visa, birth certificate, a phone bill and a letter or reference from a previous landlord. When you arrive, open an Australian Bank account and have a statement printed off. After you have all of the above in order log on to www.domain.com.au or www.realestate.com.au and you are ready to begin your search.

Once you get all settled in, there are endless amounts of entertainment and sights to see, I’m looking forward to taking it all in.

Brittany West

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