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How to prepare for a home renovation

Renovating the house is an exciting venture for many homeowners. It usually signifies a new stage in one’s life when there is a need or ability to knock things down and build new additions up. People renovate their homes for a variety of reasons. From extra rooms for the new addition(s) to the family or […]

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How Renovation Is One Of The Best Way To Make Money In The Property Market

Investing in property is one of the best ways to make money from your investments. Real estate is one of the investment portfolios that is known to appreciate in value and this is what makes it a great investment option. The returns are also high when compared to other investment options such as treasury bonds […]

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3 Renovation Ideas to Transform your Home

Home renovators can encounter difficulties deciding exactly which changes will maximise the aesthetic and commercial value of properties. A complete overhaul may be prohibitively expensive — and might not even garner the desired result. Sometimes it’s wiser to focus on improving the most crucial areas in order to match improvements to specific goals. So these […]

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Kitchen renovation

Ideas for Kitchen Renovation for Budget-Friendly People

If your kitchen is too old and you haven’t updated it for quite a long time, then you should go for kitchen renovation. Although it is a big investment that requires proper planning and implementing them with ease, yet you will have to take the project to make the cooking space look new and stunning. […]

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Tips to Keep Renovation Costs Down

Even if you set yourself a budget, a renovation project can easily spiral out of control and become much more expensive than you anticipated. It’s important you keep your budget under check, so here are a few tips to keep costs down. Know the difference between remodelling and renovation Many people don’t realise that renovation […]

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The Top 5 Legal Considerations to Home Renovation

We all have our dream remodelling projects. Maybe it’s as simple as a more modern bathroom, or maybe it’s completely gutting the building down to the studs and starting over. Anyway you slice it, home renovations are big business and anywhere there is big money there are also legal considerations. The simple fact is, a […]

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Thumbnail image for The Modern Attic Apartment Renovation

The Modern Attic Apartment Renovation

Even when space may be at a premium and somewhat limited, creativity and design need not be. Take for example this wonderful renovation of an Italian attic. Built in 1910, its previous guise was little more than a dusty storage area. Now, it’s a gleaming testament to the best of modern design.

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Thumbnail image for How to Find a Fixer Upper: Essential Property Renovation Tips in any Real Estate Market

How to Find a Fixer Upper: Essential Property Renovation Tips in any Real Estate Market

Not so long ago, every second television show seemed to be about renovating run-down homes. With the current real estate market being less enticing, these shows seem to have dropped off, even though there are more real estate bargains available.

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Renovation reassessment

Property owners considering renovating their homes in order to increase value may be taking a gamble, according to experts who say it is no longer a sure investment in the current real estate market. People get in trouble often thinking everything they do is going to add value, and when real estate prices are struggling […]

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Here’s Why You Must Evaluate Your Property Before Listing

Property transactions are tough if you don’t have the prospect of value addition. Like any other goods, properties also must provide value. And the pricing of the property depends on the estimated value. Value is an intrinsic property that sways the customer towards or away from the transaction. Now, this is a very small introduction […]

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