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8 Ways to make your room look more sophisticated

by emily

in Design & Trends, Lifestyle

Perhaps you’ve just bought the latest decor magazine or watched a Top Billing episode that showcased a spectacular bedroom and you’ve caught yourself daydreaming about sleeping in one. Well, you don’t have to hit the jackpot to have an amazing bedroom. Because there are creative tricks you could use to make your room look sophisticated.

Here are tools that you could use to transform your room.

Silk bedding set

You could shake up the look in your bedroom just by investing in a silk bedding set. Nothing says luxury more than a soft, silk duvet cover. This type of bedding set not only looks beautiful but it’ll leave your bedroom looking classy. Silk comes with other added benefits and takes beauty sleep to another level. If you use a silk pillowcase, you’re in for a treat because you’ll get flawless skin. Silk is gentle on the skin, will keep you wrinkle-free and help with certain skin conditions. We add years to our faces by using other materials because they’re rough on the skin and don’t have tight fibres that keep our skin moist. You can pick from a variety of elegant, chic duvet covers.

Organise your room

Many people have a jumble of items on their nightstand that make the bedroom look messy and unorganised. You could have your lamp, some pens, nail polish and books lying on top of your nightstand, leaving it in disarray. Put away all these items and it’ll leave the bedside table looking clean and neat.

Also, remove any items lying around in your bedroom that shouldn’t be there. A clean, spacious room looks chic and elegant. And it’ll also be easier to clean. The more organised your bedroom is, the less time it’ll take for you to tidy up each morning.

Spacious room

You may love flea markets or browsing online for different pieces of furniture and it could be tempting to fill up your room with every find. But you shouldn’t fill up your room with lots of furniture. Too much furniture can overcrowd your space and leave you feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed.

The same goes for photos on the wall. You may be sentimental and want to hang every single memory up on your wall, from your wedding day to your child’s first day at school. But hanging a million photos could end up making your space look tacky. Rather pick a few pictures you cherish and hang them on your wall.

You could also invest in multi-functional furniture, this will give you more room.


The colour you use could add a classy touch to your bedroom. You could use metallic accidents such as gold, bronze and copper that’ll make your bedroom feel and look opulent.

Stick on wallpaper

Wallpaper comes with a variety of options such as animal, striped or floral print. You may want to go bold by adding wallpaper but the problem is you don’t have the budget. If this is the case, you can opt for a cheaper alternative, such as stick-on wallpaper. Just don’t choose a wallpaper that’s too overpowering and busy or it’ll make your bedroom look tacky.


You don’t have to throw away old, distressed furniture to give it a new look. You can rejuvenate a room just by painting your furniture. Choose elegant colours that’ll create a dreamy bedroom. You can also add new knobs on your cupboards to give it a fresh look.


You’ll be surprised at the powerful effect a mirror can have on a room. A mirror can make a tiny space look bigger. Mirrors trick the eye and create the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. Choose a gorgeous frame to create an expensive tone in your room. When you pick the frame of the mirror, stick to warm, rich hues that’ll make your room classy and stylish.


You can get affordable used chandeliers, vases and lamps that’ll beautify your room. Investing in timeless items can make your room look stylish. Buying a painting or a beautiful headboard can change the look of your bedroom. Select each piece carefully rather than buying every random item you fall in love with at the mall.

Whether our bedrooms are big enough to be fit for a king or it’s our small sanctuary, we all want it to be our own and look amazing. After all, we spend a lot of time sleeping in them. If you’re craving a bedroom that exudes elegance but you’re on shoestring budget, you don’t have to worry because there are many ways to get the catalogue look. You just have to be creative and search for items that’ll make your room stand out. And maybe even get your hands dirty with a little DIY.

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