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7 ways to enhance your home’s front entry

by emily

in Variety

When people are thinking about home renovations, they often overlook the importance of a beautiful front entry and what it can do for your home. But, it is actually one of the first few things you need to worry about if you’re planning on selling or redesigning your home. 

Your home is judged based on the appearance of the front yard. So, it is essential that you create a front entrance that gives outsiders a glimpse into who you truly are. Think back to when you were younger, driving or walking by a beautiful home with a white picket fence. Remember how you would look at the house in awe, and dream of living in a house like that when you’re older? Well, that should be the feeling you aim to give your guest and passers. 

To achieve an alluring front yard, read these helpful tips below. 

Enliven up your landscape 

A neatly kept landscape is a great way of ensuring your home has the appeal you’re aiming for. So, make sure the lawn is trimmed regularly, and have a few plants with vibrant colours to make the front yard appear more lively. You can also get a wooden garden fence for your garden’s new look. There are many wooden fences in South Africa, and you can find timber suppliers in Cape Town and surrounds to help spruce up your home. This is especially important if you have had your wooden fence for a couple of years. Depending on the type of wood you have, it may be time to install fresh, new wood fencing. 

To ensure your grass stays green and well kept, you can add a pathway. Not only is a pathway convenient if you have furry friends, but it also gives the illusion that your yard is spacious. Remember is to make your pathway big enough for people to walk side by side. 

Make your door colour pop

You may have noticed more home remodelling websites showing off brightly painted doors, and there’s a reason for that. Painting your front entry door a clean white or bright colour can make a vast improvement on the overall look of your front yard. Your brightly painted door can catch anyone’s eye and leave them feeling intrigued. 

Not only does it leave people feeling interested, but there is also a significant meaning behind it. According to old American history, red doors meant that the home was welcoming. The coloured door was a way for homeowners to signal to tired travellers that their home was a safe place for them to rest their heads. So, if you’re looking for an improvement that has a rich history, then paint your door red and create a warm, welcoming environment. 

Keep the lights on 

Having exterior lights makes your home welcoming and enchanting even in the evening. But, it is also a safety measure as it shows intruders that there are people home. So, not only are you welcoming guests with your beautiful front yard with welcoming lights, but you also improve the safety of your home. 

Have a shelter for your visitors

Try adding a veranda by your front entry; it can provide shelter during the rainy seasons. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall. But, apart from being helpful to your guests from getting wet, a veranda can protect your wooden door during the rainy season. Wooden doors swell up if they’ve been in contact with heavy rainfall, and thus, can make it difficult for you to open and close it. Having a veranda can ensure the rain falls away from your door, protecting it all year round. And, apart from its protective aspects, a veranda also adds a beautiful element to your home’s exterior.

Clean your roof

An algae-filled roof can ruin the overall look of your home. 

Not only is it bad for display purposes, but the algae can decrease the life expectancy of your roof. So, for you to be on the safe side without experiencing any costly maintenance issues in the future, clean your roof whenever you feel like it needs to be cleaned. 

Fix up any small repairs

Are there any small repairs that you have been putting off for a while now? Well, now is the time to start fixing things up. Although they are small repairs, they can make a big improvement once fixed. For example, repainting the walls can have a huge improvement compared to looking at a wall with chipped paint. Perhaps consider replacing that one bulb that’s keeping your home from reaching its full potential. 

House number 

A house number is an easy way of adding some life to your front yard. If you take a look at a home with a beautiful house number compared to one without, the house with a house number will be the first to capture your attention. Nowadays, your house number doesn’t need to be boring. One with an extravagant font is guaranteed to enhance your home.

Final thoughts

Home improvements are a great way to bond with your roommate or partner. And sometimes, making your home look more put together doesn’t need to cost you tons of money. At times, all your home may need is some TLC to create the look you want. 

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