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7 Homes that are Almost Too Cool to Be Real

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Real Estate Radar, Variety

Some homeowners are satisfied with a house that is merely beautiful, but rather ordinary. Others seek to create or own something bit more unique. Perhaps you’ve seen homes featured in articles or on television that stunned you with their unusual features. The houses may seem like they belong in a fairy tale or the distant future.  Or maybe they’re your dream home!

Whether you’re looking to buy or build, a little inspiration can never hurt. Let these extraordinary homes inspire you to dream of a perfect home that is absolutely unforgettable.

The Steel House (Lubbock, Texas)

The Steel House, Texas


Architect and sculptor, Robert Bruno, commenced construction on his live-in masterpiece in 1973. This means that it predates the first Star Wars movie by about five years, despite easily blending into the barren landscape of Tatooine. Bruno admits that he only intended for the home to be one story, but as inspiration came he found himself continuously modifying the structure.

Villa Kogelhof (Noord-Beveland, The Netherlands)

Villa Kogelhof, Noord-Beveland, The Netherlands


This award-winning house is very modern in the sense that it has an almost exhibitionist quality to it. Situated on 60 acres of farmland, the Dutch design team wanted to make the structure look as if it were floating. Most of the one story home rests in the air with very little visible support. If you’d like to replicate this minimalist magic, it will cost about $3.5 million in US dollars.

The Conch House (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

The Conch House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico


It’s hard to imagine being so in love with sea shells that you’d want to live in one. The actual exterior is only the beginning. The inside of the home features conches as sink faucets, seashell headboards in the bedrooms, and images of Poseidon himself on the walls. The Conch House is a popular vacation destination as it is available to rent.

Tiny Victorian Cottage (The Catskills, New York)

Tiny Victorian Cottage, The Catskills, New York

Bigger isn’t always better as this cozy little cottage demonstrates.  It was created by owner Sandra Foster from the remnants of an old hunting cabin. The 9 ft. by 4 ft. Victorian-style mini-home cost around $3,000 US dollars to renovate and refurbish. Even so, it’s packed with personality and possesses a sort of “shabby-chic” charm.

Casa do Penedo (Fafe Mountains, Portugal)

Casa do Penedo, Fafe Mountains, Portugal

Known as the “Stone House”, it is a stone-carved home that both enchants and comes with a sense of foreboding. Built in 1974 from four boulders, Casa do Penedo is charming in an old fashioned way. Some may gripe about the lack of electricity, but spending time in such a rare home may be worth the sacrifice.

Slide House (Tokyo, Japan)

Slide House, Tokyo, Japan

Do not let the simplistic and plain exterior of this Japanese home fool you. With the Slide House, it’s all about the interior. This three story home is named for a unique feature. You can slide down to the second and first floors rather than take the stairs. Completed in 2009, this home was the wish of two parents who wanted a home so wonderful that their three children would “cherish the memory of it” forever.

Barbie Malibu Mansion (Malibu, California)

Barbie Malibu Mansion, Malibu, California


If Barbie were real and she had an actual mansion in Malibu, California…what would it look like? That’s the question Mattel sought to answer by turning a 3,500 square foot mansion into the iconic doll’s dream house. With the help of interior designer Jonathan Adler, the mansion was transformed into a world of feminine colors and quirky decor.


These homes were clearly a lot of fun to build. They undoubtedly give a great deal of joy to their owners. Each property is a testament to individualism. Not all of us love seashells to the point that we’d like to live in one. However, if you want to live somewhere unique, these homes can serve as inspiration for finding the home of your dreams.

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