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7 Décor Apps that’ll Change your World

by emily

in Apps, Design & Trends, DIY, Emily Apple, Interior Design, Technology, Variety

There is an app for absolutely everything these days. The world of décor has not been left behind. Novice interior decorators can now easily reshuffle, refurbish and renovate their homes to look like a magazine showpiece.

Keen to get started on your decorating project? Then check out these popular decor apps:

For floor plans and layouts

When moving into a new home, the decorating project start from the floor up. To ease the pain of deciding what should go where, download MagicPlan or RoomScan to your phone to draw up floor plans.

MagicPlan: MagicPlan creates maps of the rooms in your home with nothing more than photos. Simply click, indicate where the corners of the room are, and presto – you’ll have your floor plan in seconds.

RoomScan: This is the ultimate app for easy-as-pie floor plans. All you do is touch each wall in a room with your phone. RoomScan will create an approximate floor plan (estimates are provided to the nearest 10cm) in seconds. Get RoomScan Pro and you can connect the images of rooms to create a view of your entire home.

To choose the right paint

The usual drill of holding strips of painted paper up to a wall to decide on a colour works fine, but it still doesn’t give you the full picture. Not to worry. Palettes and Paint My Place are to the rescue.

Palettes: Sometimes you see a flower in a beautiful colour or the orange hues of the sunset simply take your breath away. Now you can recreate these colours in your home with Palettes. Just take a photo of that flower or sunset, upload it and instantly create a colour scheme based on that colour.

Paint My Place: Loving a colour doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look good in your home. That’s where Paint My Place comes in. This design tool lets you virtually paint your home to see whether a colour will suit it. The app has pre-loaded paints installed, you can pick the size of the brush and accidental brush strokes can be undone in a snap.

Home Decor Apps on MT Luxury Homes

Pulling it all together

The little things oftentimes make the biggest difference. That’s why Virtual Interior Designer, Photo Measures and iHandy take care of them for you at the press of a button or two.

Virtual Interior Designer: When you’re just not sure whether those floral curtains for sale will suit your home, or whether you should go vintage or eclectic in your bedroom, Virtual Interior Designer will come to your rescue. This handy app lets you place furniture in a virtual version of the room you’re intending to decorate, so that you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Photo Measures: Measurements are a big part of decorating and Photo Measures lets you save them on your phone. The days of having to carry pen and paper around have come to an end! Just take a photo of whatever you’re measuring and then jot down the dimensions on the image. A comment function lets you save more than just measurements whenever necessary.

iHandy: A spirit level is not something used on a regular basis, which is probably why it’s never at hand when it is indeed needed. The iHandy brings a spirit level to your phone. Now when you need to hang a picture, you’ll always have a spirit level at the ready.

Combine these apps with home shopping and you might not even have to leave your home to decorate it. Now tech heads just need to work on an app that’ll do the painting and the moving of the heavy furniture for you.

Author Bio

Emily Apple - Guest author for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Emily Apple is a freelance writer, artist and jewellery designer. She has a deep-set love for the beautiful things in life and a passion for interior decorating. Her home in Cape Town, South Africa is a tribute to her love for art, entertaining and relaxation

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