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6 tips to help you feel more secure when living alone

by emily

in Lifestyle

Moving into an apartment alone might be the change you’ve been looking for. While the initial months of not having to answer to anyone or being able to binge-watching series without having to entertain someone might be liberating and fun, but it can also be lonely at times. It can also be scary.

You might be used to your parents’ nest, which is far more secure than your bachelor flat which is in the middle of nowhere. So, if that’s the case, security needs to be at the top of your priority list. In fact, before you move into your new home, be sure to factor in the lifestyle you’re going to have to lead in order to sleep properly at night. Being afraid and expecting the worst is exhausting and stressful.

If you’re thinking of moving into your own place, here are a few tips to ensure that your home is safe:

  • Give your place a safety check

Before you sign the lease agreement contract, make sure you make an arrangement to scout out the apartment for safety reasons. For example, take a look at the different entry points into the apartment. Look at the condition of the front door, door handles and windows to ensure that no one has attempted to trespass. If you are concerned about the keys and the area, request to have the locks on your main doors changed. And make sure that your entrance area to your front door is well lit up. While these checks are often overlooked by excitement, you need to be careful and alert when you choose to stay alone. And within saying that, because you’re alone, don’t let your landlord take advantage of you. Read up about a traditional lease agreement template to see if the process you’re undergoing looks and feels professional. Once you’ve completed these checks and feel uncomfortable about something, raise it with your soon-to-be landlord before you proceed with the process and sign the agreement.

Depending on the area or type of apartment you’re moving into, some ground floor units are enclosed and pets are allowed. If this is the case, ask your landlord if they accept pets before you make any impulse decisions. Having a pet will make you feel more at ease and it will naturally decrease the likelihood of criminals wanting to target your home. However, before you consider a pet, make sure that you are fit, financially and emotionally to look after and care for an animal. As much as they’re going to help you and make you feel safe, they also deserve love and appreciation. It’s a serious commitment.

  • Keep in contact with a tight-knit group of friends

While you might not entertain the thought of living with your friends, make sure that once you’ve moved into an apartment by yourself, you try and keep in contact with your close friends on a regular basis. Make sure they’re familiar with your movements and know your routine. If you’re out for dinner with your friends, make a habit of letting them know when you’re home safe and vice versa. By maintaining a close relationship with your friends and family, and not isolating yourself, they will be able to check in on you.

  • Don’t advertise your home on social media

Sharing your home online is a risk you’re taking, especially when you stay alone. Nowadays, social media plays such an important role in people’s lives that they constantly feel the need to broadcast their plans and assets to the outside world. If this is important to you, try and make a concerted effort to only share images of your living arrangement and address with those who matter to you. The digital space is a risky space, and you never know where your information might land up in the near future. Unfortunately, the reality is that people will always find out personal things about you, but if you refrain from advertising it online, it might save you the risk of having to encounter something dangerous in your new home.

  • Keep your blinds and windows closed at night

Many people enjoy sleeping with their windows open at night to let in some fresh air. If this is you, it is strongly advised that you consider these actions once you become familiar with your neighbours, your surroundings and the area itself. No matter where you are in the world, you need to become comfortable and safe in your own space before you can take chances. So, make sure your curtains and windows are closed at night. This will prevent people from looking into your apartment and viewing your items on display. If you’re sleeping out, make sure you keep your curtains and windows closed too, as this will create the perception that you’re home. It might sound creepy, but you honestly never know who’s watching you. No matter how you try and protect yourself, criminals always have a way of trying their luck.

  • Get to know your neighbours

The type of people who live next door to you can tell you a lot about the apartment block and the area itself. It’s important to familiarise yourself with your neighbours and save their numbers on your mobile phone in case of an emergency. Knowing that you have help nearby will suppress those fearful feelings and make you feel more comfortable with your new home. They will also be able to guide you and give you some advice on any strange happenings which might occur or any past incidents.

Final thoughts

Security comes down to looking after yourself and going the extra mile to ensure that you feel safe and secure. If that means installing an alarm system, adding security gates or keeping the lights on, so be it. However, before you can pull the plunge on your lease agreement contract, you need to have a clear understanding of what a lease agreement template in South Africa looks like and what the general consensus is on what you can and cannot change in a rental place.


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