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6 Luxury Patio Design Ideas

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Guest article, Lifestyle, Luxury is..., Outdoor Living, Variety

Luxury can come in all shapes, sizes, color, and price. Creativity and thinking outside of the box can help make your outdoor patio design scream elegance while also staying unique to your personal tastes.

Here are six patio design ideas that will show luxury and comfort can be combined to make the perfect outdoor space for you.

Bohemian Patio Design

Elegant. Lively. Interesting.  The big three you can accomplish with a bohemian-styled patio design. Pick out large, meaningful pieces of furniture with a matching base. Then pick a color that will tie every piece of your patio together. Whether it’s the same shade or a variation, having a fun, matching color palette across the board can turn a bland space into a lively hang out. Picking out eclectic side tables, planters, and pillows will help finish off your bohemian paradise. Remember, don’t worry about going too big—this is a luxury patio.

Bohemian Outdoor Patio Design - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Intimate Oasis Patio Design

You want an intimate outside area but you still want the feeling of luxury. Modern patio furniture can do just that. Find a dining set in black and white, steel and cushion and surround it with hard to ignore accents. Large, concrete planters with a matching sets of great greenery will help amp up the feeling of class. Don’t stop there! Go all out with a singular light fixture that draws the eye and is positioned above your intimate, yet elegant dining set.

Intimate Dining Patio Design - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

The Host Patio Design

You’re an entertainer and there’s no two ways about that. You have a large family or a penchant for pulling together great gatherings or, maybe, it’s both. So having a patio space that’s grand yet functional is a must. Furnish one space for two functions. Find a dining set large enough to accommodate your party while you eat and then a comfortable lounging set for when the food is done. For the dining set, don’t be afraid to go big—oak, glass-topped, or all out steel. Accent the space with large, elegant light fixtures and a statement centerpiece. For the lounging area, go more comfort with pillows and cushions able to accommodate the masses. The combination of grand and comfort will give you all the bells and whistles of a luxurious patio.

The Host Patio Design - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Center of Attention Patio Design

Your patio design doesn’t have to be the main attraction. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t as important. Use your fire pit or pool as a centerpiece you can build around. Use deep seating chairs like these to surround this center. Aside from sleek-looking yet comfortable chairs, make sure to provide table space to allow a place to put drinks and also to show off elegant planters and eye-catching accents. Purchasing modern patio furniture like the Palazzo chairs can transform an exciting feature of your patio into a more exciting place to hang out with friends and loved ones.

Center of Attention Patio Design - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Comfortable Chic Patio Design

You can be luxurious without sacrificing comfort. Wicker furniture is a wonderful purchase for just such an occasion. Make a patio luxurious by filling it with matching lounge chairs, arm chairs, a small dining set, and side tables. Pick a soothing color and pattern to add to the space. Also, don’t forget to use accents to really bump up the rich atmosphere. Glassware, elegant wall sconces, and pillows galore will finish off your comfortable chic patio design.

Comfortable Chic Patio Design - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

The Night Lounge Patio Design

You like to relax with loved ones but before and after the food has been served. Your patio is a space to escape to and enjoy the company of others. Purchasing modern patio furniture that includes a sectional and a large coffee table is ideal. Keep the furniture’s color scheme simple such as a black base with white cushions before giving the space a punch of color with decorative throw pillows. Don’t overcrowd your coffee table, remembering the mantra ‘less is more.’ Be creative with your lighting to help set a nighttime mood that will help you and your guests relax while in the lap of luxury.

The Night Lounge Patio Design - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Whether you want to entertain the masses or have an intimate space for just a few, luxurious outdoor furniture can be designed to fit all of your wants with ease. Know your needs and remember that accents and furniture style can make all of the difference.


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