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6 Basics of Bedroom Decoration

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Variety

Research tells us that the bedroom is a place where the majority of people (all across the globe, not in any particular country or region alone) end up spending around a third of their whole lives, i.e. 8 hours on average per day. This alone should serve as a reason enough for you to give your bedroom decor proper attention, time and resources. And if you think your designer instincts are somewhat under- developed here are the 6 basics of bedroom decoration. As they say, get your basics right and the rest is just breeze!


Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1 Right colours

Colour choice is one of the most important aspects in decorating a bedroom. So, pick the right colours, those that are expressive of your true mood and feelings. Also make sure that the colours you choose complement each other well enough, taking into account the colour of your furniture and other accessories.


Right Colours

2 Right furniture

Like colours, you also ought to pick the right furniture, taking into consideration everything …. from size of the room to its shape and your personal preferences. The comfort, luxury and style of the furniture are also to be taken into account. This becomes even more important if you are looking to decorate a small bedroom. You will want to have appropriately sized and styled furniture over there, not too big to overcrowd the room.

imageRight Furniture

3 Create some storage

While decorating your bedroom, you also need to realise that sleeping won’t be the only thing for you in there: you need to have other amenities too. So, there must be some reliable storage solutions in your bedroom.  If your bedroom is relatively large, you might fit in a closet or drawer chest, but if it is on the smaller side, you better resort to some kind of storage beds with drawers, so that you don’t end up cramping it with too much furniture.



4 Appropriate flooring

Instead of resorting to marble, granite, ceramic tiles or some other types of cold flooring, using some kind of laminated flooring is a much better option, like wood or carpet, especially if you live in colder areas. Cold flooring is helpful only when you live in warmer areas. After all, in winter, it won’t be pleasant stepping out of your warm bed right onto a cold floor. Ceramic tiles might even lead you to slipping. However, if you do already have cold flooring; you can use a carpet or rug to warm things up.



5 Window treatment

Window treatment is another essential element of a significant bedroom decoration venture, though often given the least importance by many people. Appropriate window treatment can really set the tone for any bedroom decor.

Window Treatment

6 Lighting

Lighting is yet another element of bedroom decor most commonly not attended to properly. There is no comparison to the warmth and character added to a room with natural light. So, make sure your bedroom gets plenty of it by having large windows. As far as artificial lighting is concerned, you can have plenty of options for that. Having dimmers in bedside lamps will allow you to intensify or lower the amount of light you need at any particular time in your room. If you want to go a bit extravagant, a chandelier can be a great choice.




There are simply endless ways to decorate your bedroom. All you need to do is get the basics right and the tips mentioned above will help you greatly. After that it is all up to your own creativity and preferences.


Maya is a highly regarded writer, writing for different interior design magazines, newspapers and websites on a variety of topics. She has a huge collection of ideas on decorating homes and arranging furniture. She holds her degree in interior designing and is also working with an NGO as a Social Activist.

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