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5 ways to warm up your bathroom for winter

by emily

in Design & Trends, Lifestyle

No matter the time of year you want your bathroom to be warm, cozy and inviting. Throughout the year there will be unexpected cold mornings and rainy days when you want to retreat to a warm space and take a hot bath or steamy shower. And in the winter, a warm bathroom is essential. Have you checked whether your bathroom is losing heat? Homeowners tend to change their bedrooms and living room but the bathroom is often neglected.

During the winter months, the thought of your feet touching the bathroom’s ice-cold tile floors is enough to make you want to avoid the room altogether. The bathroom is, unfortunately, one of those rooms that get the least attention. However, there are many small changes that can bring a huge difference to a cold and uninviting bathroom.

Winter is coming and soon you’ll be rushing to the bathroom every morning or evening to warm up in a steaming shower or bubble bath. Here are a few ways to warm up your bathroom for the winter months.

Step on something warm and comfy

There’s no need for you to settle for a tiny, rectangular bath mat as the only soft floor covering in the room. Instead, you can get a big, luxurious one in bold colours which will feel great underfoot in the winter. You should choose one that’s absorbent, soft, comfy and has a good grip to prevent slips. It should warm up the look of the whole bathroom space. And you don’t have to settle for one only, you can get more than one mat. Maybe one for next to the shower, another near the basin and in front of the bath and toilet to make sure your feet won’t have any contact with the cold floor. You can also make the bathroom warmer with soft curtains and shower curtains in organic cotton.

Add warm colours

If you want to create a feeling of warmth while lifting your spirits in the process, then adding warm colours to your bathroom might be your answer. You can introduce colours like warmer autumn shades or soft yellows and white. Add colour to your bathroom by painting the walls, using towels, wooden features or incorporating gold, brass and copper ornaments into your space. There is a variety of bathroom sets available at affordable prices for you to choose from. You can even hang art with a golden sunset palette as this’ll add a warmer and cosier feel to your bathroom.

Check the lighting

For warming up your bathroom, you should take a different approach to lighting. Homeowners think there’s a certain type of characterless light they need to choose for bathrooms, like those flush-mount “boob lights”, for example. It’s not true. Instead of choosing less clinical light fittings, go for a softer glow. You might consider the type of lighting you would usually associate with a foyer or dining room. Another way to warm up your bathroom is to switch a heat lamp on. It’ll give you the benefit of both light and warmth. Lighting may not directly raise the temperature but it will affect how you view the space.

Heat retaining baths

After a cold day, a long, indulgent bath can be a great way to warm yourself up. But you may find that you constantly need to keep the hot water running to maintain the water temperature. A the solution is a bath which retains heat. That way you only run water in the bath once. It also proved to heat the rest of the bathroom. These baths are made from steel, copper, stone and limestone, all of which are capable of maintaining water temperature. Check whether this bath will fit your budget first because it can be a bit pricey. But the luxury of warm water and the bath’s unique appeal can make a convincing argument.

Install a fireplace

If you install a fireplace in the bathroom, it’ll be both a novelty and luxury which adds to the cosy ambience of a winter bathroom. Many think a fireplace is only meant for a living room, kitchen or entertainment area, not anymore. These days you get a fireplace in almost every modern bathroom. You can enjoy the crisp sounds of burning wood and the soft glow from the fire while taking a bath. It’s easy to install a fireplace in the bathroom. And there are additional choices of alternative options like the semi-portable electrical offerings.
Use these tips to create a cosy and welcoming bathroom. These are so appealing, you may just be forgiven for never wanting to leave your bathroom this winter.

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