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5 ways to transform your living space

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Real Estate Radar

Not all of us have the proverbial room with a view, so to keep things lively on the inside, here are 5 easy tricks for transforming your living space:

1. Repaint, with colour: Like music, colour can work some major mojo. Generally speaking, warm shades (reds, oranges) are energising and cool shades (greens, blues) are calming. Don’t stress about whether you’ve got the exact right shade; you won’t really know how a colour makes a room feel until you lived with it for a while. If you decide it isn’t right you can always paint over it. Or, limit the colour to a single wall, playing it off the neutral white of the rest of the room.

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2. Throw away as much as possible. Clutter is the undoing of many a wonderful space. Cull through your stuff and have no mercy. If you have trouble deciding what to get rid of, make a dated list of the items you’re unsure of, stash them in a closet or basement, and keep the list on your fridge as a reminder. Anything you’re not pining for after a year should be offered to St Vinny’s.

3. Add wheels: Mount your furniture on wheels so that you can reconfigure a room on the fly. Casters come with a wide variety of mounts and in a wide array of styles, materials and colors. Some great sources: the House of Antique Hardware, Cool Casters.com, Mockett.com. and Closet-Masters.com.
cool casters, guest blogger, home decor
from CoolCasters.com

4. Play with light: Add plug-in dimmer attachments to fixtures so that you can dial the mood down at night. Add atmosphere with a light sculptures and if the room has a flat-panel TV, make it work double-time by tricking it out with a screen that will turn the picture into a dancing pattern. Try TV2Art, or simply use fish-tank or fireplace DVD’s.

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5. Organize artfully: make sense of paper, magazines, and odds and ends by organizing them in open bins that are attractive enough to keep out and at hand. Give a prized collection its due by devoting some wall or shelf space to it, and then light it well with spots.

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