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5 ways to make your garden great again

by emily

in Lifestyle, Variety

Do you cringe when you invite guests over and they have to walk along an uneven path that takes them through a sad looking spot of grass garden with one little flower? Oh wait, that’s just a weed. “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”. It may not be with silver bells, but here are five ways to revamp your garden and make it great again.

Spring clean

You may have the remnants of what used to be a beautiful garden in patches around your front yard, but the reality of a great garden foundation requires a spring clean. Start a compost pile when you go through your garden and clear up the dead plants, plants you don’t want anymore, old soil and pretty much any garden debris. All except weeds! Don’t spend all that time weeding your garden only to add it to your compost pile and doom the future of a garden not yet created.

Once your spring cleaning is done, you’ll need to start looking for replacement plants. Be realistic about the colour of your thumb and if it’s not green, stick to growing plants that don’t require much skill. Verbena’s, succulents and perennial plants will be your best bet.

Herby fully loaded

Herb gardens all the rage and if you’re not responsible enough to grow fruits or vegetables, this is a low-maintenance garden project for you. A few of the most popular herbs to grow include chives, mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, oregano and sage. There are so many herb garden ideas to incorporate in your main garden space. An advantage of having your own herb garden is quick access to these ingredients for those cooking expeditions. It also adds an aroma to that section of the garden. And tending to your herb garden is a good way to reduce stress and relax your mind.

Time to DIY

With your little herb garden on the grow, it’s time to get creative and tap into those DIY skills of yours. Level out your tiled path and add lace finishings to your concrete tiles by spray painting a lace pattern over them. You could even use old baskets, shoes, watering cans, drawers or essentially, anything that can be filled as a plant holder. This beats the cost of potted plants and it’s definitely a unique feature to wonder at in a garden. Again, there are so many DIY garden ideas, find the ones that compliment the theme of your garden. Get to work and have some fun.

Frame it

Now that your garden is picture perfect, it’s time to frame it. Consider wooden fencing as a finishing to frame your entire garden or cordon off certain sections of your garden. A herb garden surrounded by a little wooden fence would certainly keep pets out and look beautiful at the same time. You could frame the plants in your garden by placing stones along the outside of the garden bed, like a mini stone wall. Play around with patterns and shapes when framing sections of your garden and it will add to the overall aesthetic of simplicity.

Make it homey

“Make it homey” sounds strange doesn’t it? If you think about it, your garden is a part of your home and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be able to accommodate a gathering of friends and family as easily as your lounge does. There is peace and tranquility that can be found in your garden, you just need to have the right accessories.

If you have the option of covering a section of your garden or the patio leading to your garden, do it. Otherwise, invest in durable outdoor furniture and keep it for “beautiful day” occasions. Have two large trees in the vicinity? Set up a hammock or a swing bed and enjoy. For those chilled summer nights, add some fairy lights around the garden. Place them in the trees, trailing the fences, or leave tealight candles on a patio table. Bring out the portable speaker, grab a seat and relax in your new garden.

There are many ways you can make your garden great, but investing into a lovely shed or summer house can really complete your garden. Project Timber have a wide selection of sheds and summer houses for you to look through and pick the perfect one.

With these tips you won’t have to worry about blindfolding guests through your garden anymore. You may, however, need to deal with forcing them to leave and them stealing your garden ideas.

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