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5 ways to make your garden child-friendly

by emily

in Variety

Playing outside in nature can offer young children many health benefits. It can help them learn, improve creativity, overall physical health and their social skills. 

With the rise of technology, many kids have their eyes on a screen. This is not to say screen time is wrong, but it should not be the only thing children can do to keep themselves entertained. Children need to be children; they need to get dirty and have fun. But, if your garden is not appealing, it will be challenging to convince them to spend their time outside.

So, if you’re trying to make your garden seem more appealing to your kid, read these five tips that assist you in creating a child-friendly garden that is exciting for your little ones. 

Always keep their safety in mind 

The first thing to do during your planning stage is to think about their safety. Children are always seeking an adventure and can wander off when you least expect it. It is important that you check your home to see if there are any hazardous areas. Those areas can be a pond, fencing issues or plants that are dangerous to your child’s health. Always make sure your home is secure with electric fencing. This will ensure that your family feels safe in the comfort of your own home. And you can have peace of mind while your children are playing. 

Have an assigned play area with a fence diamond

If you are a plant lover and you’re worried about your children ruining them, it may be a good idea to have a designated play area. This area can be closed off using a diamond mesh fencing. If you’re looking for diamond mesh wire rolls, you can find many manufacturers in South Africa which will offer you a great deal. Not only is wire fencing safe to enclose play areas for children, but you’re also still able to keep an eye on them. In your selected area, you can have a jungle gym, swing set or a sandpit. Not only are you keeping your kids away from your plants, but you are also creating a space for them to have fun and be themselves. 

Have outdoor equipment 

If you do not have a problem with your children running around in your yard, you can install additional outdoor equipment. For example, if your kids are athletic and enjoy playing sports, you can purchase a trampoline or goal post for them to incorporate into their activities. Not only will they be entertained, but it will also help them practise for their next game.  

And trampolines, on the other hand, can be a fun exercise for children, as they can spend hours working off their pent up energy. But keep in mind that trampolines and jungle gyms can be big, so it would be advisable for you to look for a size that’s the perfect fit for your lawn before purchasing. 

Start gardening with your children

Gardening is a fun and relaxing activity, so why not enjoy it with your children. Kids are curious beings and enjoy learning new things. And, you never know, your child might end up taking a strong liking to plants. This can also become an enjoyable activity for you and your children; a bonding session where you both have time to catch up. 

Life can become busy at times; from being a parent to working, and taking care of your family. This is why you need to have moments with your children, just to catch up and see how everyone is doing. You and your child can plant almost anything from sunflowers to tomatoes; it all depends on you. Your kid will also love seeing how the plants or vegetables take shape and grow. This can be memories you can cherish and be proud of. Not only will it be fun, but they will also help children learn the importance of taking care of something. 

Create an area for yourself 

Even though you want your yard to be everything your kid needs, you have to also think about yourself. Especially when you enjoy gardening or having guest over. So, pick a small corner where your children know that this the adult playground and create the garden of your dreams. You can have a small braai place, with a petite area for a table and a few chairs. Although it may small, it still gives you a place where you can relax.

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