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5 Ways To Get Your Home Living Website Off The Ground 

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in How to, Technology, Variety

If you have started a home living blog and want your readers to have access to the best home styling tips, dinner dish ideas and pretty much anything relevant to a luxurious lifestyle, we also want to hear it! This means you will need to tweak your website slightly to get it ranked and rated, to attract new readers and to keep current readers coming back for more styling tips, household advice and the like. Here are a few methods you can use to get your home lifestyle site off the ground and make a success of all you know. 

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO, the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is the means of promoting your site on Google and giving readers direct access to your site as a first choice. There are a number of ways to implement popular forms of Miami SEO, but most of these methods will cost you money. If you want to try this yourself and you are using WordPress, checkout Google Analytics and follow the online tutorials. Eventually however, you will need to seek professional counsel. 

Network with People 

Whether you join chats online or speak to people you know, make sure to network yourself and promote your site. Tell people about it, what it’s about and what your aim is. Word of mouth travels faster than you know. 

Google Business

This is a free online tool from Google which promotes your website allowing readers to quickly gauge what your site is about, what the contact details are and the like. Through this channel you will quickly get more traffic to your site, but remember to keep content that will hold the reader’s attention. 

Interact with your Readers 

Communicate with your readers. Allow them to leave comments and respond to their concerns, complaints and or compliments. Get ideas for your living space website from them and give credit where it is due. The best way for you to remain in touch with your fans is by leaving your email address and or implementing a contact form on your site. 

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Social Media as a Tool 

Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as tools to market your homely website and spread the news online. Get friends and family to share links which connect back to your website and keep up to date with the comments. 

During your time of growth remember to collect all the information you need relevant to your house living blog. Talk about decoration ideas, affordable furniture, small space issues, and DIY projects and ask readers to share their stories. While your website grows you have the time to gather information and search the internet for the finest advice and tips on how and what to write about when promoting a lifestyle living website. Patience is key and while you are waiting you will be discovering the best things to do for your home, something we all want to improve on and eventually perfect! Live a life of luxury and write about it. 

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