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5 ways to decorate the walls inside your house

by emily

in Design & Trends

Most houses are comprised of more than four walls. And each of those walls is to be painted and somewhat decorated depending on your interior design style, budget and preference. But how does one decorate so many walls without giving every room the exact same look and feel?

Luckily, there are so many different ways one can decorate the walls inside your house that no two walls need to be the same. Although, for design purposes, symmetry isn’t always the worst of things.

For those of you who are searching for wall décor inspiration, here are five different décor ideas that you can consider for your currently bare walls.

Feature hanging décor


One of the easiest ways to decorate your walls is by featuring hanging décor and functional items on them. And there’s almost no limit as to how you hang your various décor items. You can have stand-alone items on one wall and a featured collage wall on the other room’s wall.

A few great decorative pieces that you can hang on your walls include:

  • Clocks: When browsing online for modern wall clocks in South Africa, you’ll see that many online shopping sites offer them in all shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose between modern, antique, futuristic, retro, decorative, mirror, oversized, wooden or plastic clocks to hang up in different rooms of the house. Not every room will need a clock. Traditionally you’ll find them in the bedrooms and possibly on the kitchen walls. Then again, there are some homeowners who have an entire feature wall of collaged clocks somewhere in the house. It’s up to you, but this is one of those functional and decorative décor pieces that work in every home.
  • Photos: What is a family home without family photos on the wall? If you have a passage or corridor somewhere in the house, add some character to those walls through the characters of your family. And remember, the decorative part of hanging photos on the walls are the photo frames you put them in, choose ones that match the surrounding décor and walls of the house.
  • Paintings: Hanging art on the walls in the living room, dining room and possibly the master bedroom will add a certain aesthetic to your home and effortlessly decorate the walls you place them on. And you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of Rands on paintings either. Sign up for a couple of art classes and you’ll have your own masterpieces on the walls.
  • Shelves: The shelf itself isn’t the decorative piece, but the items you place on it will be. Installing shelves along your walls allows you the opportunity to display almost any other décor item you’d like.  

Vertical plant wall


You know the benefits of having indoor plants, but you say you don’t have the space to put them. Well, have you considered using the free space on your walls? Indoor vertical plant walls or living walls are a beautiful way of integrating plants into your home.

And it doesn’t have to take up an entire wall to work as décor. This is also an interesting way to bring greenery into the home and will be more cost-efficient in the long run as opposed to replacing flowers every few weeks. Just make sure you know how to maintain it and choose plants that are low maintenance.  



Another easy way to decorate your walls is with wallpaper. However, there are right and wrong ways to go about putting wallpaper up on your walls. The design you choose needs to both stand out and seamlessly work with the rest of the room.

A common mistake people make is choosing a busy wallpaper to cover the majority of the walls, which are surrounded by a variety of furniture, materials and other décor items. In that case, it would be better to have the wallpaper featured on one wall alone or choose a more subtle design.

Decorative tiles


A great décor item to adorn your kitchen walls (along with your kitchen wall clock from one of the many South African online home stores) are decorative tiles. You can mix and match with different shapes and patterns (sticking to a common colour theme) and arrange the tiles as you see fit.

These are a fun way to bring colour, patterns and a different texture into your kitchen and only requires a small strip of space in order to be effective.



Mirrors are a decorative item that needs to be in a room where the décor is prominent in order to reflect those decorative pieces and “double them” throughout the room. On their own, you can also find decorative mirrors with elegant frames, in interesting shapes and in all sorts of sizes.

It’s the perfect item to round up all your décor efforts and, if we’re honest, we all fancy catching a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror.

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