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5 ways to create a modern kitchen

by emily

in Design & Trends

You want your home to look good. To show off your space with pride and hear those oohs and aahs from your guests as you show them your new window treatment, that impeccable focal wall in the living room and the quality of your hallway floors. But if in style is what you want to be, there’s something else you need to focus on – the quality of your kitchen.

The kitchen is a special sanctuary whether you’re in gourmet cooking or not. From small changes like replacing the kettle to bigger ones like changing the cupboards or painting, you can have a lot of fun. A kitchen is a place you’re supposed to love and enjoy, therefore you should opt for a modern look.

Giving your kitchen an update isn’t that difficult and can be done easily. You can give it a fabulous facelift without having to spend a fortune. In this modern world, people appreciate the finer details, materials and layout. Make sure you’re aware of all this. This is the place where you must be able to explore and experiment with new things.

Here are five ways on how you can create a modern kitchen.

Create an open plan kitchen

The modern kitchen is all about having space to cook, eat, entertain, relax and gather as a family. Turning your kitchen and dining or living room into one space is the way to go these days. The idea is for the kitchen and cooking to be part of the action when entertaining. It’s also a way for the whole family to be together while everyone’s busy with their own tasks. It’ll allow you to spend more time with family or guests while you’re busy cooking up a storm. Create this space by removing a door and the walls or cupboards that separate the two rooms. Your home will appear more spacious, and modern.

Invest in a new stove

Your stove is a major appliance you’ll only rarely need to buy. This is essential as it’s a necessary appliance in the kitchen. What is a kitchen without a stove? It’s used on a daily basis for small and bigger meals. It’s also a critical component of the household and life can be quite hard without one. There is a wide selection of high quality, modern and contemporary stoves available. Choose the one that best fits your needs and style. It’s usually not an impulse purchase. Instead, you’ve either had it break down or are remodeling and updating your kitchen and you’ve done your research.

A built-in refrigerator

If you’re focused on seamless design and a lifelong appliance, then you’ll probably want to look at a built-in refrigerator. The counter-depth refrigerator is usually a 36-inch side-by-side. The doors will stick out past the side panels and cabinets to allow the doors to fully swing open. To ensure you have easy and convenient access to your fridge, consider buying a side by side fridge, which can be built-in. A built-in refrigerator provides a custom, upscale look. It easily integrates into surrounding cabinets and create a sleek, fitted and flush appearance.

Get the perfect lighting

The kitchen is the hub of the home, therefore it has to be comfortable, functional and tied together with the perfect lighting. Melissa Davidson of the Lighting Warehouse explains: “The biggest mistake people make is trying to light their entire kitchen with one centrally placed fixture. Successful kitchen lighting should be layered in order to create a warm and inviting space that can function as both a practical cooking area and an appealing entertaining area. It should include task, ambient, accent and decorative elements.” You don’t have to install brand new lighting, just replace the old ones. However, you can install new lights on cabinets that’ll bring a beautiful glow to your kitchen. Lighting under your cabinets can also be installed as they bring light where it’s mostly needed.

Last but not least, paint

If you want to bring change to your kitchen and want other people to see the difference, then this is your answer. Do your kitchen walls look tired and dull? Why not give them oomph and bring them to life with a brighter colour? If it’s difficult to paint your walls then your cabinets might be another option. A splash of paint can change any room into something you’ve dreamed of.

At first, it may seem like a daunting task but it’ll be worth it in the end. Give your kitchen an update on an annual basis and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can start with one of these ideas and tackle them one at a time. There’s no rush. Take all the time you need to create the perfect kitchen for you and your family.


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