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5 tips for incorporating nature into your bathroom

by emily

in Variety

Bringing nature into your bathroom is one of the most visually-appealing trends. While the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, it’s important that you maintain it by incorporating durable and easy-to-clean items that both look sophisticated and add a calm feel to the room.

Because the bathroom is designed to be a relaxing location, many people have started to introduce natural elements into their bathroom decor and layout. If you think about it, the ocean, beach sand, mountain ranges and forests all have the ability to soothe your soul and bring you internal happiness. If you make use of these elements, it will revive you and bring you the same sense of calmness in your own bathroom. Here are a few creative ways you can bring the outdoors into your bathroom:

  • Use durable products and materials

There are many ways that you can go about incorporating durable, long-lasting materials into your bathroom. It simply depends on the look you’re going for. Most natural materials are beautiful, and of course, suit the scene incredibly well, but this does not always mean that they will last longer. And what good is a piece of bathroom furniture made from natural materials but is susceptible to scratching?

Try to incorporate natural, earthy colours into your bathroom, with items made from hard-wearing materials. This will give your bathroom a clean, sleek and rustic feel to it. Whatever you do, just make sure the products you choose are affordable and functional. And don’t forget about the plants.

  • Focus on your light source

If you have a window in your bathroom, try to make it the focal point of your bathroom. This way, you will be able to maximise the natural light in the room and use it as your primary light source. When you look for lamps or bulbs, focus on the decor aspect, and look at adding some plants to your window sill.

Whether natural light is or isn’t an option, think carefully about the type of bathroom curtains or blinds you want to pursue as these simple touches can easily make or break your entire bathroom decor scheme.

  • Add some ‘happy’ colour to your bathroom

If you’ve planned for your bathroom to have a certain colour scheme, there is no harm in throwing in a colourful splash to bring some life into the room. For example, a blue bathroom set or towels. Play on tranquil colours that will help you to feel calm when it’s time to shower. If you own your bathroom and have the space to play with, recreate the outdoors by incorporating wallpaper, wood, glass and more.

  • Style according to a budget

Having a plan in place will help you to stick to your budget. If you’re strapped for cash, opt for DIY products or statement pieces that will make a big impact on the space. The greenery that you incorporate into your bathroom space should be plants that thrive in humid conditions. Aloe vera and Chinese Evergreen are both affordable air-purifying options that look beautiful and are ideal for the indoors.

On the back of the previous point about wallpaper, you can find plenty of ideas online about different wallpapers you would like to have printed for a beautiful feature wall. If of course, you’re staying in an older home with brick walls, you could really play on these raw elements to add warmth to your space.

  • Add some final, special touches

Finally, look at bringing in some unique, local wooden accessories or trinkets to add to the overall aesthetics of your nature-inspired bathroom. If you’re going to be sticking to a theme, keep your bathroom sets uniform and decorate around these features. Think about adding some incense, a water feature, flowers or more to simply spruce things up and give your bathroom the calming feel it needs.

Final thoughts

The bathroom, much like your bedroom, is one of the most used rooms in the house. It’s somewhere you go to relax but can also say a lot about who you are and how you look after your home. Incorporating nature into an already practical space can give the entire room a complete facelift. With so much moisture in the area and already-natural elements, you will be able to bring the outdoors into your bathroom with ease. While you may feel uncertain at first, it all starts with a plan. Source your materials and accessories, have a plan and start creating the natural, fresh bathroom you want.

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