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5 Tips and Tricks to Give your Bedroom that ‘Luxury Hotel’ Feel

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Luxury is..., Variety

Bedrooms are difficult rooms to get ‘just so’ in any mode of contemporary living. As a place we spend a third of our lives, it is instrumentally important to our wellbeing to create the perfect environment in which to relax, recoup and recharge for whatever business throws itself your way the next day. So when your bedroom is particularly uninspired, uninspiring or lacklustre, it can throw you off spectacularly. Sometimes all you need is that special feeling, as if you’re being looked after by the space, as if you’re on holiday, away from all the trials and tribulations that might work their way into your mind before you hit the hay. Here are 5 special tips for giving your bedroom that ‘long-weekend-away’ luxury hotel feel, 24/7.

The Bed

Of course, behind every great bedroom is a great bed – it’s an unavoidable fact of life, and the foundation of your new luxury bedroom. Whether a weathered-wood boutique style or a Bauhaus-esque frame from the future, the bed will be the cornerstone of your room’s décor. Bedstar are a good place to start, with a wide range of frames within which your particular style will most certainly dwell.

The Sheets

It goes without saying that sheets are similarly of utmost importance. Keep a wide array of sheets of different colours, patterns and materials (only the finest) in a designated cupboard elsewhere in the house – this way the sanctity of the bedroom as bedroom, not sheet storage space, is kept, and the novelty of new, unfamiliar sheets remains however long you wish.

The Towel Rack

A seemingly pedestrian thing to consider in terms of a bedroom overhaul, but these little touches make all the difference. The saying ‘happiness is a warm towel’ doesn’t bandy itself around for nothing; keep your clothes and towels warm overnight with a heated towel rack, ensuring the freshest and cosiest starts to any morning. If you find the right one, it will only serve to complement the décor of your room, a bespoke addition to the furniture and installations you choose to have.

5 Tips and Tricks to Give your Bedroom that Luxury Hotel Feel

The Minibar

The bedroom is often relegated to a place of function over fun, somewhere to sleep and dress for the wider world. With a mini-fridge constantly stocked with small bottles of spirits and soft drinks, the balance is redressed a little, evoking evenings free from care, sipping cold drinks at the foot of the bed and admiring the view from the window – only here, there is no extortionate minibar bill!

The Treats

Another small touch to reinstate the glitz and glamour of a stay away: a box of chocolate mints, kept in your bedside table simply to place on the pillows in the morning, before you leave the house. By the end of the day you’ll have forgotten they were there, and on returning, find yourself treated to a bit of fun courtesy of that mystical chocolate-fairy.

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