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5 Stylish Loft Conversion Ideas for an Extra Work Space

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, DIY, Features, Interior Design, Variety

Most people like their lives organized and running according to how they want to live. Whether it’s working at the office or managing a household, some level of order and organization can keep any person sane, amidst the daily grind.

Some people, meanwhile, are in a unique situation of merging their work and their home responsibilities. Although a lot of them may be able to wing it, some individuals find even the best work-at-home jobs to be extremely difficult and mind-boggling. The reason is that juggling work commitments and household errands is easier said than done.

The best scenario for any person who wants to work in the comforts of the house is to build a home office. As long as you have extra space in your home, you can turn any room or vacant area into a workstation. Best of all, if you have an existing loft, all you need to do is convert the space into a home office.

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources online to help you get started on converting your loft into a personal workstation. You may look into a loft conversion guide or construction-centric websites to get tips and tricks.

Home desk - Thought Catalog - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Here are five tips to make a stylish and functional work space just by converting a loft:

  1. Make a plan

Implementation is going to be successful only if you have a solid plan. In this case, you need to start by assessing your loft. You may start out with these questions:

  • Is the space enough for your work needs?
  • Can you rely on your DIY skills, or do you need a building contractor to do the job?
  • Can you afford the modifications?
  1. Check if you are allowed to do construction

In most cases, construction or redesign requires adherence to a local building code. Check with local authorities if you need permits or documents related to the loft redesign.

If your redesign doesn’t involve heavy construction, you may not need these requirements. However, the safest way to proceed is to consult everything with your local municipality.

  1. Install a window

Sunlight is a natural perk-me-upper for any worker, and it’s the same thing with people who work at home. Make sure that your home office has a window where natural light can pass through.

  1. Prioritize function over form

A grand chandelier or the statue of a Greek goddess may look nice, but they don’t fit well with your work space. When choosing decorations, be sure to think about their purpose in the grand scheme of things.

The same is applicable to furniture. Putting a bed in your home office might not be a good idea, because there’s a big chance that the soft mattress is going to tempt you to sleep instead of work.

  1. Choose between traditional and sleek

Depending on your home style preferences, you may choose between two options in designing your work space. A traditional home office uses wood surfaces and intricately designed décor. Meanwhile, a modern work space, meanwhile, makes use of sleek shapes and minimalist colors.

In converting a loft, all it takes is a spark of creativity and a dash of inspiration. As long as you know what the purpose of the loft conversion is – an extra work space, in this case – then you can see the fruits of your redesign activity in the long run. Get ready to amp up your work productivity at home!

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