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5 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Guest article, Interior Design, Variety

Kitchen renovations are some of the costliest changes you can make in your house. But you can spruce up your kitchen without forking over a ton of cash. Here are five DIY ways to spruce up your kitchen so it looks and feels new.

Create a Temporary Island

If you have some extra space in the middle of your kitchen, create more counter space to cook by adding an island to your kitchen. One great way to do this is to get a kitchen cart; it’s up to you if you put the wheels on it or not.

Another added benefit of a kitchen cart is you’ll have room for storage underneath to put pots, pans or any other kitchen gadgets you’d like. To make it even nicer — and encourage your kids to hang out with you in the kitchen — add a few barstools around the cart, as well. As Colebrook Construction puts it: “The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but a kitchen island truly allows your family to become the center of your living space.”

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Re-Do Your Cabinets

As long as your cabinets are still structurally sound, sprucing up your current cabinetry is the perfect way to give your kitchen a whole new look and feel at a much more affordable price tag. For starters, you can take the doors off, sand them down and do a paint job. The key to making the paint job look the best it can be is cleaning off the cabinets first. If a layer of paint just won’t cut it, consider re-facing the cabinets entirely; just be sure to measure twice and cut once!

Use Peel and Stick Products

Color and decoration are key to making a kitchen feel fresh and new. But if you want something a little less permanent – and something that you can easily switch out – use peel and stick products. These products include everything from a “chalkboard” sticker, where you can write reminders to your family or an entirely new backsplash to go behind your stove and sink.

Switch Out the Hardware

Another simple but impactful DIY change is switching out the hardware on all your cabinets. Pick out different cabinet knobs in a new style or material. You can also change out cabinet handles and drawer pulls. This simple and easy-to-do change can make your outdated kitchen look more modern or classy.

Use Shelf Liner in Your Cabinets and Drawers

Whether your cabinets have glass fronts or not, you can make your cabinets even nicer with interior decorations. Shelf liner can also be used in drawers, as well. No matter which pattern you choose, shelf liner is useful because it protects the wood underneath and can be easily swapped out if it gets too dirty to clean. You can even change your taste in color or pattern. You also have the choice of the kind of liner to use, including coated paper, cork mat or plastic depending on the style you’re going for.

With these five changes, you can make your kitchen feel like new without breaking the bank.


Author Bio

James works for a construction company and blogs in his free time at Homey Improvements. He also enjoys hiking, photography, and buying new gadgets. Follow him on Twitter @DIYfolks.

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