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4 Tips to Make Elaborate Floral Arrangements for Your Dining Table

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Variety

Nothing makes a dining table instantly more attractive and inviting than good-looking floral arrangements. Flowers add welcome pops of color and can be arranged according to the occasion. They can range from various colors to different heights and styles, and it can get expensive depending on the type of flowers used.

While the floral arrangement matters, the place where it is perched on is important as well. Flower vases made of glass or high-quality plastic can make or break your dining-table centerpiece.

The great thing about vases is that they also come in different sizes and types, so you can always find something that suits your needs. Whether you need something tall for your towering pieces, wide for terrarium-like arrangements, or something standard, you can always find something for you.

If you plan to arrange the flowers yourself, it’s best that you have the basic materials on hand. Aside from the vase and flowers, you’ll need shears, a thorn stripper, some water, preservative solution, and some decorative accessories. If you’re a beginner, it is recommended to start with simpler floral arrangements and go from there. If the budget is something you are conscious of, go for flowers that are in season because they will be less expensive.


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The idea of arranging flowers is not that complicated once you break it down. You can choose one shade or the same variety, but if you want to mix different flowers, get ones whose colors complement one another to avoid clashing.

Flowers are the most important consideration, so choosing the vase comes second when doing arrangements. Before putting the flowers inside the vase, prep them by cutting the stem from the bottom at an angle, and make sure that it’s not too short or too long for the vase.

You can just straight up just use water, but if you want to make the flowers last, you can add a preservative solution. The largest flowers go first, then the complementary flowers, then the greens, and then the decorations. Layer them as you like to make it as extravagant as you can.

Use Floral Tape

Floral tapes come in handy when the mouth of your container is too wide and you don’t have enough flowers to fill it. Put several strips of tape across the opening of the vase, and make it as wide or as narrow as you want, depending on your design. If you worry about it showing in the final arrangement, you can put stems of the flowers or other green plants. You can check out this video demonstration on how to stabilize your flowers using this tool.

Use Vase Fillers for Faux Blooms 

Sometimes, floral arrangements are not entirely made of fresh flowers or they don’t have real flowers at all. Some silk flowers that are available on the market look so much like the real thing that some people prefer them because they don’t wilt ever. They may also use fake flowers because they can be prepared in advanced or because the flowers they want are not in season.

Most people think that silk flowers are outright cheaper than real ones, but it’s not always the case. They can be expensive, but in the long run, they are more worth buying because of reusability.

If you want your faux blooms to look real but don’t really want to use water because of the risk of destroying them, use vase fillers such as plastic crystals or even small pebbles. These fillers can also be used to stabilize the arrangement.

Mix Candles

Candles can make floral arrangements look extravagant depending on how they are used. If your flowers are not that plentiful but you want to make a statement or add an element to make it look more presentable, candles are the way to go. A good example of this is by adding tea light candles to a small vase filled with flowers.

Tea light candles are small enough that they don’t cause too much mess and they float in the water. When the evening rolls around, they can be used to provide added illumination or ambiance to the table. You can take a look at an example by clicking this link here.

Add Veggies for Rustic Effect

Veggies and flowers are all plants, but did you know that they can look together in on single vase? If you have an event that has a rustic theme, adding veggies to your floral arrangement can make it more interesting.

Greens like artichokes, kale, and even cabbage are some of the most popular ones to get when doing a floral and veggie centerpiece. You can take a look at this article for inspiration.

Play Around

There are so many things you can do to make your floral arrangement more extravagant than it is. One key thing to remember is that varying heights can make a difference when it comes to centerpieces. There are many interesting takes on how to pull this off, and here are some good examples.

What are your favorite tips when it comes to flower arrangements? Share them below.

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