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4 Interior Design Tips for a More Comfortable Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Artists, Design & Trends, Interior Design, Interior Design, Variety

Once you’ve moved into a new home, the first step is to make it your own by imposing your sense of design on it. Using the vast palate of decoration available to you, it is your job to decide the impression your house will give every visitor from now on. Faced with such a large task, it is tough to know where to start. Below, we have some tips to get you started.

Show Some Color

The color plan of your house is the foundation on which you will build your decor. Your color scheme should show your personal preferences. Try to find a favorite color, but don’t be content with a basic color; if you like reds, for instance, browse some color samples so you can consider the difference between brick-red and scarlet. Your color will start with the paint on your walls, which you can change relatively easily, but should also affect your choice of carpet or rug color and the palate of your furniture and decorations.

Move the Furniture

Speaking of furnishings, your household’s seating arrangement says a tremendous amount about the people living in your home. A couch and chairs pointed at the TV are fine for a lazy evening in, but may fail to impress when you have guests. If you’re having a party that doesn’t revolve around watching a movie, consider moving your furnishings to form a circle to ease talking. In fact, if possible in your space, you might leave the seating pushed away from the walls; a couch and recliner with space between them and your walls gives an impression of size and openness.

Go Ductless

Many homes use the time-honored technology of duct-based air conditioning to keep rooms cool. In fact, when people think of ductless air conditioning, they usually think of noisy and inefficient window units and the low-cost college apartments they service. Newer AC designs, however, use advances in the state of ductless AC to cool houses without extensive — and expensive — ductwork connecting the rooms. One side effect of moving to a ductless system is the ability to regulate temperature by room. If some people in your household like it cooler than others, this is an ideal solution.

Grab Some Art … and Books!

A More Comfortable Home

Image via Flickr by Saltygal

Finally, your decorations should include art objects as well. Many people think of an art collection as a pastime of the wealthy, but local artists are willing to sell pieces for far less than a Picasso would cost. Find what kinds of works you prefer — paintings, prints/posters, sculptures, or other installations — so that your art says something about you. Also, consider the books you have on display. Your computer science textbooks might be a necessary part of your job, but your guests might find them less interesting. Consider placing your work reading in a home office, and leaving fun books like novels on the living room shelves.

Making your house a home involves making it as comfortable as possible. Changing the decorating scheme from the colors and furnishings it comes with is the first step. Think about what kind of home you want, and take the right steps to make it so.

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