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4 Handy Items for any Homeowner

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Variety

Whether you live in palatial luxury or your home is more compact and bijou there are certain commonalities with regards to to running an efficient household that’s always ready for entertainment.

So, homeowners of all types face the same frustrations when it comes to keeping their houses well-stocked with premium provisions and having the right devices to cope with tricky household tasks.

With that in mind, here are four handy items that empower any homeowner.

Bottle openers

If you’re a craft beer fan holding court on the latest bespoke brews at a barbecue there’s nothing more cringe-worthy than pulling a poor quality bottle opener from your back pocket.

But The Godwin opener is a magnificent handheld device the most dashing host should be proud to flourish in front of guests.

Made from tough cold formed steel in a gun barrel black patina, this luxury model features an engraved whale and luxury leather carry strap.

If you want a high-quality opener with heritage styling, this is hard to beat.


Nothing screams ‘preparedness’ like a Swiss Army Knife.

It’s handy to keep in your pocket and gets you out of many a pickle around the house and on the road.

The Victorinox climber is one of the best — its blades can strip the foil from any champagne bottle with ease and an inbuilt corkscrew keeps corks popping and revellers refreshed.

Its scissors are useful for disconnecting guests who’ve become entwined through overenthusiastic dancing.

And a dinky set of tweezers can swiftly remove any troublesome splinters resulting from no-holds barred croquet matches.


If you’re lucky enough to reside in a country abode, you might get frustrated when guests traipse into your inner chambers trailing detritus from the grounds.

But telling them to remove their boots before entering could be a social faux pas.

So, investing in outdoor mats from a firm like the Mat Factory might be a wise move.

You can choose a colour that matches your family crest and customise it with a familiar motto — this creates the perfect impression for visitors and keeps your carpets clean and serene.

Front door mat


If you’ve been dreaming of dusting off your old 45s but can’t find a record player with the right retro appearance, the Ricatech RMC350 combines historical elegance with modern functionality.

It’s capable of playing any type of vinyl record and also features a CD player, FM radio and USB port for digital music.

And best of all, its magnificent horn is fully functional.

Pick up any of these four handy items and you’ll be the go-to gent for family DIY dilemmas and an agile and adaptive party host.

What’s your favourite home gadget? Share your advice in the comments section.


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