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4 Benefits of switching to an eco-friendly office

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, Features, Variety

Furniture from less harmful raw materials increases the appreciation of corporate social responsibility and directly leads to a rise in profit. This is usually because you have a brand that differentiates itself from the pack and is enticing to customers who are eager to patronise your services.

Social benefits 

The social advantages in switching to an eco-friendly office are in the form of a better corporate image to employees and also consumers.

It boosts your business profile as the press will praise you for being environmentally friendly and your brand image greatly improved as a public’s impression of your business. These social image boosters are great for your company as customers are more likely to be interested if you have a good public perception and press reputation.

Highlighting your environmentally friendly practices sets you aside and in the limelight from other businesses in the same trade. This gives you an edge over your competitors as customers are more likely to purchase from environmentally friendly service providers and product manufacturers.

Save Energy and Sustainability - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Economic benefits 

Sustainable office furnishings not only gives you a good reputation and attracts customers but can also help create a more cost-efficient office area. By reducing your cost, you improve your economic outlook and gain the trust of customers and potential clients. When you choose greener office furnishings, your profits grow and you reap the financial benefits.

In addition to this, sustainable design appeals to customers because it provides excellent quality and cheap office furnishings for practical use. As a result of this, over the course of time of its lifespan, sustainable furniture recoups the cost of its initial production which is an added advantage to businessmen and women. 

Another cost-cutting sustainable method is recycling. If you avoid reducing recycling or reducing your use of resources, your costs increase. A good example of this is paper. If you avoid reducing recycling and reducing the amount of paper you use, your costs go up. A few simple changes such as reducing paper usage by encouraging staff to print on both sides and voiding unnecessary use of materials can help you save money. 

You and your team can also try recycling shredded excess paper – this can be done commercially or you can provide staff incentives for using them in their compost at home or mulch heaps. Also,  start encouraging employees to make use of scrap paper for jotting down or writing messages instead of using new notepads.

Health benefits 

It’s important to know the materials used in the manufacture of the office furniture you buy and who you are buying them from. It’s important they are non-toxic furniture. Some raw materials including paints, and stains can be toxic. However, there are alternatives such as low or zero VOC paints and stains, metals, wood and glass that do not release harmful gases into the air. 

Other safer options include powder coatings for desks, cabinets, tables and benches. They are also cleaner and less hazardous for the environment. Although all these products contain a small amount of chemicals, they will not release as much chemicals for the entire length of their lifespan as non-eco-friendly products would. 

Another health advantage is buying locally manufactured furniture and products. By doing this, you reduce the amount of air pollution. If you have to import furnishings from another country, they’ll need to be transported by sea over many miles and days. But by buying in your country of residence, you reduce the costs of transportation and the number of ships that have to travel the oceans, as these ships release emissions into the air that cause pollution.

Beautification benefits 

In terms of style, you cannot compare cheap furniture to sustainable furniture. The look and rich lustre of natural wood grain cannot be outdone. It’s easy to identify cheap furniture that contains harmful products. If you are looking to purchase new furniture for whatever purpose, be it an office, living room, dining room or bedroom, always opt for the best sustainable options.

Choose to buy green products

Nearly everything businesses purchase creates wast, and use up resources and energy. To reduce the hazardous effects on the environment, sustainable purchasing is necessary. Find out from your suppliers if their products are manufactured with recycled raw materials. It’s also important to do your research and find out which suppliers leave the least impact on the environment.

Share the message

Your environmental policies should be made known to staff when they begin working so they can start to think of ways to contribute to your green efforts. Your customers also need to know what you are doing to save the environment. Add sustainable symbols to your packaging, on your websites, your business location and logo as well as invoices and receipts.

You should also involve your suppliers, and one way of doing this is by adding footnotes to your emails that request that unnecessary printing of correspondence should be avoided.

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