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3 Ways Your Office is Letting You Down

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Variety

While you may think your office is good enough, it might in fact be letting you down in various ways. Let’s have a look at three reasons why your workspace could be leaving your employees and clients disappointed.

  1. It doesn’t reflect your company image

Maintaining a positive image is vital for your company’s reputation and it can be crucial when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. While your employees play an important role in representing your business, the look and feel of your office space can have a huge impact too, especially if you have clients visiting your premises. If your space isn’t up-to-scratch, your potential clientele may not take you seriously and you could risk missing out on securing business deals.

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your office is suitably furnished. Providing comfortable seating in your reception area is a great way to make a positive first impression, while using a sophisticated boardroom table and luxuriously comfortable chairs could help you win over prospective customers during meetings. Regardless of the type of company you run, you should find it easy to get your hands on suitable pieces of furniture to complement your brand’s image. For inspiration, you could visit your local office furnishings showroom or browse the products available from online retailers such as Calibre.

City Light employees in office, 1954

Image: Flickr – Seattle Municipal Archives

  1. It isn’t laid out properly

The overall layout of your office is extremely important and failing to suitably arrange and position your workspace could leave your employees feeling less than impressed. Whether the area is large or small, you should take into consideration the comfort of your workforce when you’re thinking about your office arrangement. For example, you should make sure each member of staff has a comfortable workstation. Providing spacious desks and ergonomic chairs is a great way to ensure each individual is suitably set up to carry out their daily tasks. Even if you’re lacking in floor space, try to keep each workstation separate to avoid your workers being cramped. You could also designate an area of your office to be used for meetings, training sessions and interviews. While dedicating a whole room is ideal, simply sectioning off a corner can provide a private, quiet place for you and your colleagues to use.

  1. It isn’t well-lit

Getting the lighting right in your office is essential. A poorly lit space not only looks bleak and uninspiring, but it could be doing damage to your employee’s health too. In an office environment, it’s likely that the majority of your workers use a computer, making them more susceptible to eye-strain. This can occur if light reflects off the screen, so think about the position of your workstations and ensure the lighting is adequate to keep your personnel healthy. Moreover, try and use natural light sources where possible. While you may find that fluorescent illuminations are useful in places, letting in sunlight can boost productivity and performance.

Learning how to optimise your office space could be easier than you think, especially if you put some of these handy hints into practice.


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