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3 Ways to Personalize Your Table Decor for Easter

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Food and Drink, Furniture, Interior Design, Variety

By Ronique Gibson

The spring season always evokes a feeling of rebirth and renewal, and Easter is the perfect time to bring flowers, Easter eggs and natural materials to your table setting. Gathering family and friends around a spring-inspired dining room complete with Easter colors and seasonal motifs is the perfect way to complement your Easter meal. Read on for creative ways to use colorful linens and easy decorations to complete your dining room table this holiday.

3 Ways to Personalize Your Table Decor for Easter

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Set the tone with the right dinnerware.

Before you start decorating, decide on the vibe you want your meal to have. Will it be casual and comfortable, formal and refined, or somewhere in between? Do you expect a lot of kids to attend, or will it be an adults-only affair? Your dishes, serving pieces and silverware will go a long way toward setting the tone. Whether you’re using your finest china with simple detailing or you choose a brighter, more casual color palette for your dinnerware, your choices will communicate what type of feeling you’d like your guests to have as they sit down to celebrate. Pristine white china will feel more ceremonial, while brighter colors with pastel accents will create a casual and laid-back aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your heirloom pieces from your China closet with modern minimal dinnerware pieces. This will help you create a dinner table that is uniquely yours.

Personalize your Easter table with the perfect color palette.

Once you’ve decided on your dinnerware, it’s time to find coordinating table linens to bring a festive touch to your Easter table. Give your table a custom feel with monogrammed table runners and linen napkins, or mix and match bright prints like florals and stripes. Consider taking color cues from your dining room décor; playing off the colors of your walls, rug and even artwork can help to create a cohesive look. In my home, a burgundy accent wall is always the conversation starter at the dining room table. During the spring season, I like to use pale pink and buttery yellow table accents, tablecloth and napkins to complement the dramatic color of the room.

3 Ways to Personalize Your Table Decor for Easter 2

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Embrace natural elements.

Whether you love fresh green grass, bright daffodils, or a dish of spotted quail eggs, there are plenty of ways to bring nature to the table. Use vibrant dyed Easter eggs in a display in the center of the table and complement them with colors from your dinnerware and table linen. Fresh flowers, Easter candy, chocolate rabbits and small chicken figurines are fun and fanciful details. For families that have children, why not bring their artwork to the table? Encourage them to draw Easter-inspired artwork on colorful construction paper, then use their creations as placemats at the kid’s table.

This Easter, awaken your dining room table with colorful table decor that enlightens your entertaining event. From the table linens to spring motifs, make it a meal that your guests will remember!


Ronique Gibson is a home design expert and architect who writes about décor for Shutterfly.com. Many of Ronique’s ideas for Easter table décor are inspired by the decorative options available on the Shutterfly website.

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