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3 ways to get your home ready for spring

by emily

in Lifestyle

picThe rains have come hard and fast in the south, but they’ll soon move on. When that happens, spring will emerge letting us experience the green wonder of the various landscapes. Yet, spring isn’t merely a time to take comfort in drier days. We also should be using it as an opportunity to experience our homes in a new way. We’re no longer restricted by the weather and should be using this time to do better in terms of keeping our house tidy.

Get rid of the heavy stuff

Spring is all about getting rid of heavy things. For example, it’s time to put away the big blankets and replace these with lighter, softer and thinner alternatives. You don’t need those heavy blankets dominating every inch of the house. Beds get smaller, sofas are now more spacious and everything can be paired down.

Folding however is an art in itself. You can’t simply roll a blanket up and shove it into a cupboard. Start with the corners, then simply match corners to corners. Make it into a square and begin doing this for all other similar materials, like duvet covers. Creating squares creates more storage space in your closet, since they can be stacked more easily.

Time to repair

As the Spring days arrive, you should use them to do all the activities you’ve been restricted from performing. For example, days with blue skies are ideal for clearing your gutters to prevent flooding. Blocked drains cause all manner of disasters, from the major to the minor. With clearer days before you, this presents ample opportunity to climb into the outside areas of the home and get to work.

As Winter comes to an end, also try use cold days to find out if you have any holes or gaps that need plugging. These can become moist and lead to build up that is also incredibly harmful. Sealing your home isn’t just good for your health but your wallet, too. As Popular Mechanics points out:

“Finding and filling the dozens of gaps in the shell of your house should be tackled before you even think about replacing windows and doors… These low-cost, high-impact fixes will make a surprising difference in your comfort level – both physically and financially.”

If you don’t feel qualified, make sure you book professionals well in advance. There’s no doubt with these better days, more homeowners will be furiously calling for these services.

Maintain and check everything

It’s highly likely your bills might be a little higher in colder months. But you need to make sure that’s due to using heaters and other appliances, not leaks. Just as we use the clearer times to plug the gaps in our homes, do a general check of all your important and frequently used appliances. Some might need repairs, others total replacement.

(Image source: tpsdave / Pixabay)

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