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3 Tips for decorating with a chandelier

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design

Chandeliers are associated with luxury but can be a decorative feature in any home when done correctly. If you’re looking to give the rooms in your home a new, elegant, antique or modern look, you can achieve exactly what you’re looking for through a chandelier lighting fixture.

Let’s take a look at what you need to keep in mind when browsing and buying chandeliers online in South Africa. Unfortunately, you need to consider more than just what “look” you’re going for. Follow three tips for decorating with a chandelier and your home will be cover-ready for your local home magazine.  

The right location

The point of a chandelier is to catch your attention, not to get tangled in your hair. You need to choose the right location for your chandelier and make sure there is enough space for it to hang and not be in the way of people’s headspace.

This means you’ll need to keep in mind the size of the chandelier your designated space can accommodate before it becomes uncomfortable or cramped. For example, when choosing a chandelier to hang above your dining room table, consider a chandelier that complements the length of your rectangular table or a higher-hung and lower-hanging chandelier to sit above a smaller, round table. Experts recommend that you hang your chandelier about 90 cm above your dining room table to ensure there is enough space underneath.  

As for which rooms are considered as the “right location” for a chandelier, any room will do. The most popular spaces, however, are the entryway, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom.  

Keep to the room’s theme

Because chandeliers can be so grand, it’s easy for them to grab all the attention in the room. For this reason, it’s important that you find a chandelier that complements the room’s theme.

And you can do this through colour, material and design:

  • Colour: Chandeliers come in all different shapes, shades and sizes which makes the likelihood of finding something to match your existing décor a high possibility. Choose a colour chandelier that will match the hues and shades in the room you want to install it in. If it’s a bedroom, you should also consider the future of the room and whether the colour chandelier you’ve chosen is versatile enough to complement a new colour scheme one day.
  • Material: The next thing you need to consider is the material. Crystal chandeliers are classic but don’t necessarily work with an otherwise modern room. Brass, copper, glass, chains, stained glass, and wrought iron chandeliers are other material options that would better-suit your designated room.
  • Structural design: The theme of your rooms are determined by the style of furniture, colours and materials that inhabit it. With the variety of designs that chandeliers are made and can be bought, it won’t be difficult to find something to match. The trick is to stick to the theme and not choose a chandelier because “it’s beautiful”. It needs to make sense in the room with the design matching the theme.

Something more you can do to help your chandelier suit the room is by having home décor items and furniture accent the same design properties as the chandelier. For example, if you choose to buy a glass chandelier, having glass vases in the room and an overall minimal design will complement it perfectly.  

Overall, your chandelier has the potential to carry the theme of the room when you choose one with bold colour, design and texture. And what better way to show off your new chandelier than by making it the centrepiece of a room?

Think: lighting feature

What you need to remember is that a chandelier is a lighting fixture that’s meant to provide light to the room or overhanging area. Most chandeliers are more decorative than practical and they aren’t always the most affordable lighting option. So, if you’re looking for more light for less money that’s still in the form of an elegant and stand-out lighting fixture, you can consider other lighting feature options.

Pendant lights are another beautiful feature lighting option to consider for your home. When you look for pendant lights for sale, you’ll see how they too can be clustered together to create a central light-piece, much like a chandelier would. Then there are the pendant lights that have a featured shade surrounding the light if you’re looking for something with a bit more of a design than bulb hanging from a rope.

These bulbs are more exposed which allow them to give off more light in the room than a chandelier. But, if you’re looking for atmospheric lighting (similar to that of a chandelier), then you could look for pendant lights for sale with filament bulbs.

Lighting is a practical decorative feature that your home needs, so why not go all-out with a chandelier or pendant light feature?

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