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3 Things Co-Living has in Common with Luxury Life

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The idea of co-living has been called dorm rooms for adults by many people. It has however proven to be a solution to the housing crisis and a solution to various lonely millennials who need the company. Co-living is basically about community and making friends with people who live in the same living space as you do. 

Common places may include kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. However, you may feel about co-living, it is fast becoming a growing trend that cannot be ignored. When looking for a home, prospective residents usually search for entire homes to rent. Many of the recent co-living arrangements are located in luxurious buildings in the best cities in NYC. By allowing people the option of enjoying these benefits with other people, they will have a small price to pay. 


Co-living luxury perks

As rentals across New York spiral in the most sought-after districts, co-living has begun to evolve as well. Research shows that the world’s population will soar to 10 billion by 2060 and to provide adequate housing, brand new cities are being built. Former industrial and office buildings are also being transformed into housing alternatives. 

The concept of living together is changing the way people view housing. It can be a home shared by two people, to a building of a couple hundred people. By sharing spaces, we will be living in a place where it is impossible to feel alone. There are many different types of co-living spaces that will satisfy any need of the home seeker. 

You can locate entire communities of co-living residents, large homes housing many people, or smaller apartments where you will share with 2 or 3 other people. Co-living has become a viable option for many people as it is budget friendly and allows people to occupy nice buildings in sought-after areas. It is now the most feasible way of getting the most out of your money. 

  1. Most co-living spaces or housing complexes offer the user a fully furnished private or semi-private bedroom with shared spaces like kitchens, lounges and bathrooms. Co-living spaces are creeping up everywhere with each company offering their idea of what the future of living should look like. They offer mobile services that allow the tenants to voice their concerns and get answers almost instantly, flexible leases, and just about every amenity that you could think of. They seek to solve the basic needs that people may have pertaining to work, party, raise a family and live, all in one building. 
  • There are other services on offer as mentioned above, like housekeeping, free wifi and access to parties and events. People can go to the gym, swimming pools and various other activities just by buying into the co-living lifestyle. All these facilities are offered at prices that are generally affordable as everyone occupying space in the home will split the bill accordingly. At the very essence, co-living is catering to the most basic human need of interacting with others. 
  • Many of these locations even allow you to have a workspace that you can share and thus you can work while at home. This thins the line between work-life balance and allows people to work more, thus bringing in more income. Co-living spaces have even upped their security and allow residents to enter by just having their key in their pocket, which is scanned at the entrance and the gates or doors are automatically opened. It is believed that communal living sharing spaces, time and money could rectify a dysfunction in the property market that is riddled with damp flats and ruthless landlords.  

People generally want to live in a community without jeopardizing beautiful elements of co-living spaces like designs, expansive space and luxurious pampering. Most of the facilities mentioned above which are technologically advanced are new developments that are not found at all co-living spaces. 

There are many co-living apartments that have not even made it in the industry probably due to location or unsatisfactory offerings. It is not difficult to imagine a world where co-living becomes more blended in society. Co-living was always thought of as a solution to a problem, but it is rather an option for people at all stages of their lives and can benefit everyone, rich or poor, old or young.

About the contributor

This guest post was provided by Outpost Club, a company that offers fully furnished rooms for rent in co-living houses that are available in NYC and San Francisco. Both private and shared are available for long-term and short-term rent. The flat fee covers free WiFi, cleaning, laundry and, of course, community. 

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