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3 Renovation Ideas to Transform your Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Renovation, Variety

Home renovators can encounter difficulties deciding exactly which changes will maximise the aesthetic and commercial value of properties.

A complete overhaul may be prohibitively expensive — and might not even garner the desired result.

Sometimes it’s wiser to focus on improving the most crucial areas in order to match improvements to specific goals.

So these three simple renovation ideas should allow you to transform your home into a soothing sanctuary with great selling points.

Open-plan kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes — if it’s cluttered and outdated it’ll create domestic disharmony and put off potential buyers.

An open-plan design featuring an adjacent sitting room instils a superb sense of flow — but only if it’s designed and decorated skilfully.

Take a look at how this tired kitchen was revamped into an airy and stylish space perfect for family life.

You might attempt basic refurbishment techniques yourself but sometimes a professional finish is worth the investment.

And a crisp, calm kitchen is attractive to many potential buyers.

Mezzanine floor

Loft conversions were previously a firm favourite for families looking to maximise space through remodelling.

But fixing floorboards and installing separating walls is tricky and time-consuming.

So homeowners inspired by the transformative techniques of industrial mezzanine floor manufacturers are applying the same technology in their homes.

Installing a mezzanine in a large living room allows you to create an attractive second floor that can be used as a cosy lounge or even as an extra bedroom.

And if you live in a listed building, a mezzanine allows you to create more space without an external extension that would likely be rejected by planners.

Garden office

Technological advances and the emergence of the digital economy mean more of us now work from home.

A home study is the traditional location for office work — but some people find balancing home and work demands in the same space stressful.

So a garden office might be the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Modern models are not mere sheds — they come complete with mod cons like Wi-Fi, toilets and even beds.

Walking through your garden is a blissful brief commute compared to sandwiching yourself between train passengers or sitting in rush-hour traffic jams.

And should you choose to sell your home, these structures can be restyled as summerhouses, barbecue spots or sleepover spaces for children.

These three ideas should help steer your renovation project towards a terrific home transformation with a wonderful return on investment.

Have you recently renovated your home in an innovative way? Share your stories in the comments section.

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