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20 Features for Luxury Kitchens

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Variety

Do you want to get your kitchen looking luxurious in no time at all, and without spending tons of money? Here are some features you should bring in for a luxury kitchen.

  1. Double ovens

These not only look beautiful in your kitchen, they give you the option of having a main oven for major cooking and a secondary oven for plate warming or additional baking. Here are some ideas from Which about the different types of oven.

  1. Dishwasher drawers

You can use dishwasher drawers in place of regular dishwashers, or in addition to the standard sized dishwashers. These appliances provide you with time and money efficient cleaning when you only need a few dishes washed.

  1. Island cooktops

With a kitchen cooktop, you get to enjoy countertop burners. If the cooktop is built into your kitchen island, you get to enjoy a generous work surface with room for storage too. You could consider getting a Kitchen Island cart.

  1. Commercial style range

Commercial-style appliances and features are common in luxury kitchens.  The BTU output for commercial cookers is 3-4 times higher than for normal models. You therefore need to make sure you get cookware that can handle the heat, and that you can afford the bills!

  1. Pot filler

This is a rare feature that can go anywhere you can run a cold water line. It is mounted high enough to provide a flow of water to pots beneath.

  1. A coffee bar

This is basically a miniature kitchen that offers a refrigerator, microwave and most likely espresso machine.

  1. The on-counter garage

This will house all materials you use regularly but don’t want to be in view all of the time. This feature makes sure the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen isn’t blighted by a monstrosity of an appliance.

Modern kitchen on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 2

  1. Corner Storage

This is another feature that will help you maximise every bit of space in your kitchen. Revolving corner storage carousel can be really handy. Mike Taylor, of Mike Taylor Bespoke Kitchens, explains “space is the most important commodity in any kitchen. Where you put storage, and how you purpose different areas, can make or break the design of your kitchen. Corner storage units are a must for small kitchens, and work well in larger kitchens too.”

  1. Deep drawers

This will house your large cooking pots and pans.

Modern kitchen on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

10. Full extension drawers

This type of drawer makes it easier for you to get objects in and out of the drawer.

11. Divided storage

With internal storage dividers, it becomes easier for you to organise your cookware.

12. Pot rack

This will tap into the beauty of stainless steel to further beautify your kitchen.

13. Utensil racks

Installing these under a wall will give your kitchen a personalised feel. They can be installed under a cabinet or along the wall.

14. Tray storage cabinets

These have vertical dividers and will hold your racks, cutting boards, pizza pans etc.

15. Kitchen office

Set aside a corner of the kitchen for a computer. It will come in handy for looking up recipes, or keeping busy while waiting for your cooking. Alternatively, integrate a touch screen all in one PC into the wall.

16. Glass doors

Glass cabinet doors are visually appealing, and can dramatically improve the feel around your kitchen.

17. Built-in refrigerators

These are guaranteed to make your kitchen look “fully-integrated”, bespoke, smooth and expensive.

18. Ample lighting

Add layers of light to your kitchen and take time to cover every area of the kitchen with multiple fittings.

19. Warming drawer

This adds functionality to small space.

20. Trash and recycling area

This will make life easier for you as you enjoy your new kitchen.

There you have it… 20 features that can instantly change your kitchen, giving it a luxurious feel. You don’t have to do designs, integrations, and construction on your own, get a good kitchen design expert to help you transform your kitchen!


Author bio: Laura is an interior designer enthusiast. She believes that doing everything with style in life is very important. She also enjoys travelling, reading and blogging.

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