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14 Edible Plants That You Can Grow Indoors (Infographic)

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Food and Drink, Health, Infographic, Lifestyle, Variety

Many of us dream of having our own vegetable patch, but it can be challenging to find the ideal space – and that’s assuming you have a garden at all. But never fear, apartment dwellers, you don’t need a large outdoor plot to grow all your ideal crops, for many edible plants all you need is a sunny spot inside.

The idea of growing an indoor farm, full of healthy food you can spoil yourself with over summer may sound too good to be true. But with a little love and care, whether you live in a house or a flat, you can grow a variety of fresh veg, fruit and even edible flowers ready for your next dinner party – guaranteed to impress.

But the benefits don’t stop there, growing your own greenery will give the satisfaction of harvesting your own foodstuff, save you money and added health benefits making your five a day a walk in the park. You might even start replacing that takeaway pizza with home-grown veg packed with vitamins and minerals.

Looking to build your own indoor garden? Then check out this infographic from Pound Place for recommendations on what to grow, and when to grow it.

14 edible plants that you can actually grow inside

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