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10 Tips To Help Get Your Home Sold

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Money & Business, Real Estate Radar, Resources, Variety

You don’t want to be a seller with the housing market the way it is today. But if you have found the situation unavoidable, there are some things you can do to make your house more attractive to buyers. The more attractive your house, the quicker it will sell, and the higher the price.

1. Say good bye. You must be emotionally ready to sell your house. All of your energy has to be pointed in the right direction. You’re fighting an up-hill battle here, you can’t afford to have something holding you back. Start looking at your home from a buyer’s point of view.

2. Get rid of your stuff. You want people to be able to see your home, not your stuff. Buyers won’t be able to picture their own stuff in the house if every flat surface is already filled. Make sure you hit the closets, cabinets, the kid’s rooms, the attic, the basement, and the garage. Take away anything you won’t be using before you move. Furniture that is blocking a window or walking path also needs to be taken out of the home. A fully organized and decluttered home makes your home look bigger and allows buyers to see themselves living there.

3. Depersonalize. Buyers don’t want to be reminded of who has been living in what will hopefully be their new house. Family photos and your porcelain rooster collection will make them think about you living in the house, not them.

4. Make repairs. Does your faucet leak? Got some cracked tiles in the bathroom? Fix them. If buyers see small repairs they can only assume that big repairs are just around the corner. Besides, you want buyers leaving your home saying “Wow, that was so nice.” not “Did you see that hole in the wall?”

5. Show off your view. If you have a view, or fireplace, or some other feature that makes your house special, show it off. Think back to when you bought your home. What made you say “wow!”? Make sure you are highlighting those same features.

6. Paint. A fresh coat of paint in neutral color can really go a long way. Don’t forget the outside if it needs it. I heard to paint your front door yellow. My mom swears by this tip. Yellow creates a buying emotion.

7. Stage your home. Make sure that each room has a defined purpose. If you’re using your dining room as your office it’s going to confuse buyers. Is it an office, or a formal dining room? Pick one and stick with it.

8. Clear the walk. Overgrown bushes and clutter are going to scare buyers away. Trim the bushes and sweep the porch while you’re out there. Go ahead and rent a pressure washer if you need to. Then get some cute yellow flowers and put them on the porch.

9. Don’t forget the back yard. After you’ve worked on your curb appeal head around back. Do you need to mow? Has the swing set seen it’s last days? Use the same tactics you used inside to clear clutter and make the back yard more appealing. Maybe even a new patio set is in order.

10. Lower the price. It doesn’t matter how clean and organized your house is if it’s too expensive. If your Realtor suggests lowering the price, you may want to listen. These are tough times. Buyers are looking for steals, a home needs to be below market value to generate interest.

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