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10 Things to Consider Before Moving in with Your Significant Other

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Moving Home, Real Estate Radar, Variety

Are you ready to move in with your significant other? Are you already trying to find apartments? There are many things to consider than just whether or not you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level. There are plenty of other practical and unemotional factors to think about as well. As you make your list of pros and cons and weigh the options, include these top 10 considerations.

1. Splitting up living costs. Ok, so it’s not romantic but before you start looking for apartments for rent it is important to discuss who will pay for what. Make sure it’s a fair split, otherwise it could cause relationship strain down the road.

2. What if there is a difference in income? If there is a sizeable difference between each partner’s income level it may cause an issue. If one makes quite a bit less or does not have any income at all, it may be a good idea to wait before moving in together, or at very least have a very open and honest conversation about how the finances will work.

3. Where will you live? This is an important question that may or may not have an easy answer. If you are both moving to a new city, you will find apartments together. That’s easy. But if one is moving in with the other it is important to consider what changes will be made and how both person’s things will be combined.

10 Things to Consider Before Moving in with Your Significant Other on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 2

4. Getting permission. If one person is moving into the other’s apartment, there are more people to consider. The landlord must agree to another person moving in. Don’t be tempted to allow someone to move in without making it official. Not only could it cause trouble with the landlord, it also means that you are the only one who is financially responsible for the unit.

5. Signing on the dotted line. A landlord will require that both parties sign the lease. From a legal standpoint, this makes both parties “co-tenants”. It is an important distinction because to the landlord, it means that both tenants are 100% responsible for the unit.

6. Will you be charged a higher rent? Often if an additional person is added to the lease, it means that the monthly rent goes up. Landlords consider that there is an extra person causing wear and tear on the apartment, coming in and out, and using additional parking. This extra cost will need to be factored into the budget when looking for when looking for apartments for rent.

7. What about a higher security deposit? Landlords may also require a higher security deposit if more people are residing in the unit. Of course, this is even more of a factor if your partner is bringing a pet along. Having a pet will increase the deposit significantly and you will have to find apartments that allow pets.

10 Things to Consider Before Moving in with Your Significant Other on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 3

8. Location. When it’s time to find apartments, location will be a huge factor. It will be dictated by things like the location of family and friends, preference of neighborhoods, and distance from work. Get ready to compromise so that both of you will be happy.

9. Actually “living” together. While this person may be your significant other, he or she is also going to be your roommate. This roommate may have habits that you never noticed before. Consider what the day to day will really look like.

10. Whose apartment is it anyway? If the relationship doesn’t work out, who is going to move out? This is a decision best made in the beginning. In fact, it’s a great idea to put it in writing so there is no confusion later. Consider writing up and having notarized an “Agreement Covering Rented Living Space” which is a legal document saying how much each party will pay in rent and what will happen if one or both parties wants to move out.


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