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White Houses

by Marquette Turner

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Rich & Famous, Variety

In New York City, a buyer has purchased a 1022 square metre, Richard Meier designed apartment for $US33 million, after a $US7 million price reduction.

Meier became a prominent architectural figure after his commission of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and was in 1984 awarded the Pritzker Prize. His work is clearly defined by his use of shades of white, which of course has been used in many architectural landmark buildings throughout history, including cathedrals and the white-washed villages of the Mediterranean region, in Spain, southern Italy and Greece.

An interesting side note that whilst in no relation to Meier, is equally topical: Simon Turner 
The White House, home of the US President is not actually pure white in colour but “whisper white”.   Now there’s a piece of trivia that you now know, but may never get to use.  

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