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The Radio Caroline iPhone app

by Marquette Turner

in Marquette Turner, News & Views, Variety

You may have read our recent announcement that Marquette Turner has linked up with the World’s most famous and iconic radio station, Radio Caroline.  (the announcement is HERE to refresh your memory)

Well, just proving that “iconic” doesn’t necessarily mean “old”, Radio Caroline in keeping with their tradition of both leading and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, have recently launched their iPhone App.

The App allows you to not only listen to great music in high fidelity stereo in your car, on the train, the bus, the beach or anywhere you choose anywhere in any part of the world with a 3G or Wi-Fi signal, but also to check their current UK studio time and programme, read their presenters’ profiles, email the presenters, peruse their programme schedule for the coming week and also access the full Radio Caroline website, all on one of your Apple devices.

If you’re reading this article on your Mac or PC, you can download the App in your iTunes account HERE

You can also find out more details on the Radio Caroline App on their website here.

Download the Radio Caroline iPhone app from iTunes

By the way, if you’re wondering where the Marquette Turner Luxury Homes App is, keen on getting things as perfect and trend-setting as possible, we’ve thus far rejected three App prototypes, and will only launch ours when we’re confident it’s worthy!

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