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The Finger Wave Inspired Furniture Collection by Filipino designer Vito Selma

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Interior Design, Variety

Filipino designer Vito Selma has created the Baud Collection, a series of furniture designs inspired by the Cebuano Wave, known in English as the Finger Wave.

Selma states that the concept emulates “the smoothness and solidness of water as it crashes against the surf, the sift and swirl of water as it curls inward and out from itself. This collection is a tribute to the ocean that has forever kept the island city of home… home in its undulating embrace.”

The Finger Wave has also lent its name to the method of setting a woman’s hair into waves (curls) that was first fashionable in the 1920’s. Finger waving moulds the hair while wet into “S”-shaped curved undulations with the fingers and comb. These waves when dried without being disturbed will fall into beautiful deep waves.

Whether one views the designs from the position that it’s inspired by the ocean or hair styling, Selma’s furniture certainly encapsulate “the wave” in manner that displays both talent and creativity.


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