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The Key to Successful Property Investment.

There are a lot of benefits for investing in property. Those who pick property as their preferred investment option enjoy high returns as property is one of the highly-rewarding investment options for individuals and businesses. Real estate is one of the investment options that appreciates in value and in a few years, your property would […]

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kitchen on Marquette Turner

Selling Your Home? Don’t Throw Your Money Away

When it comes to selling your home, everyone seems eager to offer plenty of tips and tricks for investments you can make to add thousands to the value of your property. It is all too easy to get carried away, though, and if you are not careful, you can end up ploughing more money in […]

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Is the Prime London Market set for a Boost amid the Economic Slowdown in China?

While the previous discrepancies between the north and south in the UK property market have largely been eradicated, the capital of London continues to blaze a trail for other regions to follow. This is particularly true with regards to value, as while there is price growth nationwide London’s projected increase of 20.4% over the next […]

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Adding International Property to Your Investment Portfolio

Expanding your investment opportunities and diversifying your portfolio can pay off in big ways. A favorable exchange rate can result in your securing a valuable property at a very low price. Since exchange rates vary, consulting with a financial or real estate advisor is highly recommended in order to get the best deal. Many countries […]

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What is an ‘Off the Plan’ Property and How Can you Buy One?

What exactly is OTP? When an investor buys a property off-the-plan (OTP), they’re buying properties directly from an architect or developer’s blueprint, ones that are partially or just about to be built. This is a strategy that allows them to potentially save some money and capitalise on the investment in about a year’s time. OTP […]

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Irish Manors for Sale Proving Popular with American Property Investors

No matter the real estate climate, there will always be investors looking to buy and there will always be owners wanting to sell.  That’s certainly one of the truths of the property market. Having recently visited Belfast, Northern Ireland we were blown away to see that the cheapest property on the market in the UK […]

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Chinese Property Buyers Show Increasing Interest for Singaporean Real Estate

As recently reported by PropertyWire, buyers from mainland China are fuelling a property boom in Singapore where the price of mass market private apartments have increased to new highs in the first quarter of 2011

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How Rich is Rich?

NOTE: This article was written with Australians in mind. One Australian Dollar is currently trading at approximately $1.03 USD Would $1 million really make you rich? Unfortunately, a million dollars ain’t what it used to be – many property owners living within five kilometres of a major Australian city would fit the bill, based only […]

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Tough Economic Times Making UK Overseas Property Investors More Savvy

Cashed-up overseas property investors from the UK are still active in the market despite tough economic times both at home and abroad. What has changed, however, is that they have become much more discerning.

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The Best Places in…Africa

The annual Ibrahim Index 2010, a Governance League Table from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (Mr Ibrahim is a Sudanese-born British tycoon), which reviews the 53 states, is certainly one of the best places to start if looking to invest in the African continent.

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