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Ways to protect your garden from almost anything

Our gardens are where home and nature meet. It’s a relaxing escape from house chores, work and “vegging” in front of the TV all day. Your garden is where you go to clear your mind, take in the fresh air, catch a little bit of Vitamin D and recentre yourself. Unless, however, you have a […]

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How to make the pool area safer for the kids

Accidents happen all too often when children and pools are involved. And it’s usually unnecessary accidents because something could have been done to prevent it. It’s quite simple, really. If you have a pool and you have children (from whenever they start crawling until the age they are able to be responsible around the pool), […]

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Security and Aesthetics for Your Home

One of the most important aspect to being secure in your home is not having your security so on display that potential criminals know how to avoid your security barriers. By finding ways to meld your security with your home in elegant ways, we serve two purposes: making the home more aesthetically appealing and increasing […]

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