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Make your bedroom feel more luxurious with these furniture essentials

When it comes down to decorating our homes, we tend to jump at decorating the most public spaces when we should be taking more interest in our personal space. Don’t give your bedroom the cold shoulder; it’s the most used, private space in the house. Make it look as good as it makes you feel. […]

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Tips and tricks to add some style to your home

Everyone wants a stylish home. Nobody wants to come home to a drab and dreary home that looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades (unless that’s their preferred style). However, many people can’t afford to redo their entire home all at once. Or perhaps they simply can’t stand the idea of all the work […]

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Embrace Your Geekness in Style (Infographic)

Embrace your inner geekiness is a wonderful graphical representation of the things that you can do to make your home décor look geeky. This infographic consists of cool examples of various accessories that you can use to embrace your inner geekiness. Some of them are quite subtle, like the equation book shelf, while others are […]

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3 Ways to Personalize Your Table Decor for Easter

By Ronique Gibson The spring season always evokes a feeling of rebirth and renewal, and Easter is the perfect time to bring flowers, Easter eggs and natural materials to your table setting. Gathering family and friends around a spring-inspired dining room complete with Easter colors and seasonal motifs is the perfect way to complement your […]

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Plan for Your Winter Blankets in Summer

The minute seasons change from winter to summer, the blankets that have served us so well are folded and stuffed into cupboards. Here they’ll remain until winter comes around again. Does this not seem like an awful waste of something beautiful you’ve spent money on? To only use it for half of the year, or […]

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Interior Design: Game-Changing Glass Décor – Staged to Perfection

Interior Design: Game-Changing Glass Décor – Staged to Perfection No matter which side of the real estate table you sit on, furniture is an important aspect to the home buying and selling property game. Think about it: when you’re selling your home, sometimes effectively staging your place can be the difference between a quick sale […]

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Thumbnail image for The Light that Allows Your Room and Mood to Blossom

The Light that Allows Your Room and Mood to Blossom

The Nogloom light will surely brighten your day as you watch it unfold its petals like a flower to reveal soft lighting. Created by designer Alexandre Lasnier, his creation was inspired by “plants and their relation with the sun.”

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