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Luxury Timber Bathrooms - Modern Italian Design and Classic Craftsmanship 11

Here’s How You Can Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious

Creating a highly luxurious bathroom appearance is not something that requires a huge budget if you are aware of how to take full advantage of color. In fact, most professional interior designers and real estate investors simply do minor changes to a bathroom in order to get a higher value. Here are some wonderful suggestions […]

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Cheap Ways In Which You Can Increase Home Value Before Selling

Whenever you put a property on the market you are interested in maximizing equity. Most homeowners cannot afford going through a really large renovation process. They look for options that are as cheap as possible. If your budget is limited and you do not really know how to boost property value, here are some great […]

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Home Improvement Tips for 2016

The decision to renovate the home is never one taken lightly, but if you choose to remodel, there’s no better time than the New Year to do so. To most people, the dawn of the new calendar year represents a chance for new beginnings and an opportunity to introduce fresh perspectives to their lives. Some […]

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Maximising Bathroom Space

… Without breaking down any walls. The bathroom is the inner sanctum of your home that has a lot of activity throughout the day. With a bit of candle lighting and soft music in the background, the bathroom can take on an amazing transform into tranquillity. However, it’s not uncommon that the bathroom is also […]

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The Bathroom Upgrade You Have Been Dreaming of

Not everyone can afford a deluxe spa retreat in their bathroom. Every room in the house normally gets an upgrade, while the bathroom receives the back end of the stick. This is because bathroom upgrades tend to be more on the costly side of buying. The only bargain you will find for bathroom décor is […]

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Eastern Luxury: Bathroom Inspirations

Home improvement trends are rapidly increasing, and indeed home deco in its entirety is an important aspect of our daily lives. Be it our contemporary living rooms, top of the range kitchens, elegant lounges, extravagant TV rooms or luxurious bathrooms, we all strive to choose a style that provides us with comfort and style. But […]

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5 Tips and Tricks to Give your Bedroom that ‘Luxury Hotel’ Feel

Bedrooms are difficult rooms to get ‘just so’ in any mode of contemporary living. As a place we spend a third of our lives, it is instrumentally important to our wellbeing to create the perfect environment in which to relax, recoup and recharge for whatever business throws itself your way the next day. So when […]

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The $7000 Bathtub that will Prevent you From Drowning

The DI Vapor’s Cosmo B-DV003 luxurious bathtub costs more than many people’s car.  At $7000 USD it features a 17 inch television, 23 jets, a hand shower, and an amazing function that’s sensors will ensure that the system automatically shuts down and drains the bath to ensure that you are prevented from drowning.

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Luxury Timber Bathrooms: Modern Italian Design and Classic Craftsmanship

With true Italian style the Flora Style Fusion bathroom line creates a polished blend of elegance and intricacy using the most sumptuous and smooth of timber materials. The Italian company creates unique pieces with imprinted veneer designs of exceptional quality, masterfully melding contemporary forms and design with classic craftsmanship.

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The Expensive Tastes of Russian Officials

We recognise that working in Russia can often be a grimey job, so news from the UK Guardian newspaper that members of President Dmitry Medvedevs’ security detail have ordered a 336,000 Ruble ($11,900 USD) bathtub should barely makes a splash in the media.

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