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bathroom sets

How to make your bathroom appear bigger

Unless you live in a modern home with a luxurious bath and dressing room, you probably wish your bathroom were bigger. A small bathroom can feel cosy and intimate. But it can also sometimes feel claustrophobic and depressing. It doesn’t matter how you style the space, it’ll still be a small bathroom. But with a […]

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5 ways to warm up your bathroom for winter

No matter the time of year you want your bathroom to be warm, cozy and inviting. Throughout the year there will be unexpected cold mornings and rainy days when you want to retreat to a warm space and take a hot bath or steamy shower. And in the winter, a warm bathroom is essential. Have […]

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9 Things to know about downsizing your house

You may be downsizing for a number of reasons. Maybe there’s a cut in your salary, divorce or the kids have finally grown up and have left the nest. When you make the decision to downsize it may come as a shock to the system. Because you’re letting go of everything you’re used to. But […]

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Keeping your bathroom clean at all times

Cleaning the bathroom is never fun. Some roommates and family members often fight about it while others take turns to clean. If the bathroom is your least favourite space in your entire home to clean, you’re not alone. It can be messy, germy and sometimes smelly. Scrubbing the bathroom isn’t a pleasant chore but it’s […]

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Tips for buying bathroom sets

Everyone would love to have a comfortable but also beautiful bathroom. It could be the reason why you grab certain accessories when shopping. You want to make it as convenient as possible for you. But how do you know you grab the right ones? And of course, the function of these sets matters before its […]

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