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Material Girl: The Properties at Stake in Madonna’s Divorce

by Marquette Turner

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Madonna’s impending divorce from British Director, Guy Ritchie, is making many headlines not least for the amount property at stake.

You could say that Madonna is a real estate mogul with an amazing array of properties in London, New York and Beverley Hills. There is much speculation as to which properties from the portfolio will be sold directly on the market, and of course which of those she retains and what the settlement to Ritchie entails.

The couple reportedly owns five buildings in London, plus Ashcombe House, a Georgian mansion on 1,200 acres in Wiltshire (images below)

In 2002 the couple erected 12 foot high security gates without first obtaining the necessary Listed Building Consent, but were granted retrospective permission. Recent building work at the house includes a large extension, roof alterations and conversion; and a March 2008 planning application for a swimming pool at the house has been approved.

In May 2008 it was reported that the couple were considering selling the house; and recent news has suggested that Ritchie will receive the estate as part of the divorce settlement. If it went on the market, the Ashcombe Estate could attract more than £15 million, property agents say.

In total, the properties at stake include:

1. A £7 million Georgian 10-bedroom townhouse in Marylebone, which was the family’s main London residence. The house has six floors and includes a vaulted artist’s studio which adjoins the garden wall of the family’s main home.

2. A Kabbalah Centre in London’s West End valued at £3.6 million

3. Ashcombe House, a £12 million five-story country mansion in Wiltshire set in 1,200 acre estate which was formerly owned by Sir Cecil Beaton.

4. A five-storey Georgian townhouse in Conway Street, Regent’s Park, west London, valued at £1.6 million which is currently used as a Kabbalah Hotel.

5. A £6 million Mews property next to their Marylebone home used by staff

6. A ten bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills bought for £8 million

7. The Punchbowl pub in Mayfair which the couple bought for £2.5 million

8. A penthouse apartment in New York, bought by Madonna 20 years ago and now valued at £2million.

Simon Turner

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