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Marquette Turner Luxury Homes is Set to Expand

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

Are You Tired of Losing Most of Your Hard Earned Commission?

Are you sick of subsidizing agents that do not perform as well as you do in your office? We are looking for the best of the best – those that are truly committed to leading the industry.

Don’t be left behind! Technology is at the centre of brand success and it is moving quickly and your brand must be recognized internationally as Luxurious. We have enormous demand throughout Australia and abroad which will only be looked after by the very best Brokers in real estate.

Companies like Google and Microsoft did not become corporate giants by having thousands of shop fronts bearing their name. In fact the world has changed remarkably and so has real estate. The selling power of the internet is now so enormous that many properties are sold without the need for expensive newspaper advertising – the power of brand association is essential.

It is estimated that real estate spending on advertising in newspapers will decrease by around 18% this year and this trend is likely to continue year after year.

So with all of this change are you making decisions that give you the best opportunity to earn the maximum amount possible? At Marquette Turner Luxury Homes our aim is simple – To provide our Licensees with their own business so that they can control their own destiny and to maximize the earning potential of every Broker within our business.

Many real estate offices pretend that you have your own business – in the typical or average real estate market. Luxury real estate is something special – Marquette Turner Luxury Homes is now recognized as the best in the world by the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate (Under 2 years old).

Michael Marquette

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