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Luxury Homes: The Untapped Lifestyle Opportunities of Newcastle, NSW

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

It’s not often that a property is so unique, unknown, well positioned and tightly held. Newcastle, the second city of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, is just two hours by car, 45 minutes by regular air travel, and now 25 minutes by Sea Plane with a regular service from Rose Bay to Newcastle Harbour. Even though Newcastle is frequently left out when “the most liveable” cities are compared, it very much equals the best of the best. And, as the only Luxury agency covering Newcastle we truly recognize the merits of the city that should absolutely rate upon the real estate radar of more people when looking for a new home with a fantastic lifestyle and many other opportunities.

For instance, Quigley House is an exceptional luxury home in Stockton – perhaps the most rapidly sought after area in the region given it’s surrounds of endless beaches and plentiful, untapped land – stands out given its history and expanse. Built in 1897 and originally known as Marquette Turner Luxury Homes, proudly presents this fabulous estate that covers 2333 square metres and is ideal for those that appreciate class, privacy and convenience. The interior of the main building has been stunningly restored and renovated, retaining much of its original Victorian elegance. For more information on this stunning property, please click on the image below or here

There are many other fantastic homes available in Newcastle right now, many touched with a modernistic class and sophistication often only seen in Australia’s capital cities, and inevitably at double the price at least.

Here’s just a few of the current selection that Marquette Turner Luxury Homes is showcasing:



There are many other fantastic Luxury properties presented by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes at present, and we some amazing others that will be coming on to the market in the next week or so in both Sydney and Newcastle. Please keep checking our website and the MTLH blog for new listings, and of course please feel free to contact us:

Contact: Michael Marquette on +61 433 170 170 or via email michael@marquetteturner.com.au or Christine Watson on +61 414 352 680. or via email christine@marquetteturner.com.au

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