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Luxury Destinations: Thailand Island Real Estate Trip Day 1

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Location, Luxury is..., Thailand Trip, Travel

We’re in Thailand to inspect the progress of the wonderful Villaguna Resort & Spa.  Where internet connections allow, we’ll be keeping a travel diary (as an aside, this blog has been completed and uploaded entirely on an iPhone, which is pretty impressive).

Day 1 in Thailand has been of great value.

The ease at which we traveled from Singapore to Phuket was outstanding. For the price of a good meal we got 2 tickets on a brand new Air Asia aircraft (think Virgin) and were through passport control and bags collected within 2 hours of departing Singapore.

Of course there are now direct flights to Phuket from Australia but going via Singapore allowed us the opportunity to catch up with some friends and clients first.

Lunch was spent with our French and America hosts, and in typical french fashion cheese, bread and wine were obligatory whilst enjoying the stunning views of Laem Sing Beach beach.


A trip around the bustling weekend markets with everything imaginable on sale, from food, to shirts to the ubiquitous DVD’s and CD’s.

Dinner at a fabulous Thai restaurant, renowned by locals since the 2nd world war’s end and food so good that even a Thai prince took more home in a doggy bag!

Tomorrow we’re heading to the Marina first thing so will need to get some rest.  Signing out (-MTLH)

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