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How to work from home

by Marquette Turner

in Money & Business

I started working from home 2 years ago, and for the first year, I was pretty much useless. I’d end up watching TV or sleeping or playing with the dogs when I should have been typing, and I’d end up working when I should have been hanging out with my family.
I’d always be getting tempting calls during the workday from friends playing hooky from the office and wanting to go to the park.
I still get some of those calls, but the rest of the distractions are gone. Mainly, it was from following this suggestion from Dumb Little Man and laying down the law:

Since you are now working from home, everyone will expect you to be flexible and available when they need you. Friends may call during business hours, your children may expect you to drive them to a friend’s party, your spouse may expect you to run to the grocery store, and your aunts and uncles may feel that they can call upon you at any time of the day.

Setting expectations of family and friends is extremely important to ensure the smooth running of your home-based business. It is critical they understand that even though you have started working from home, the efforts involved in making it a success are by no means meager or guaranteed. The more serious you are about setting the rules about timings, the faster your friends and family will understand and internalize that you mean business.

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